Eliana is an average directioner who would love to see One Direction. Sadly for her, she suffers the disput of domestic violence. Only the prospect and hope that One Direction gives her helps her cope with her situation. However, when the thing she loves most has been shut off and she is taken in by some strangers, her life takes a turn for the worse. Will she ever rise up and become happy once more?


5. Under the bed

I started to wake up but a pounding in my head made it painful to make much movement. Slowly, one by one i opened my eyes. The light burned the backs of them as i tried to adjust to the brightness of the surrounding room. I winced as i began exploring the room further with my eyes. It was shabby and dirty. The furnishings were soiled by the looks of things i rather wouldn't think of. The amenities were covered in thick layers of dust. I looked at my body that lay in yet another filthy white bed. The stained sheeting rose revolting to my chest, covering my body in the dirt of who knows what. After adjusting my eyes and stretching out my muscles, i went to get up but to no avail. I looked up towards my arms that were handcuffed to the bed. Great. Head still throbbing, i looked up to my arms again and noticed multiple wound marks from the stabbing of the drug-induced needle into my arm. Other than these scars, i noticed nothing out of the ordinary. That was until i checked myself over again that i found several bruises on my wrists. Love bites.

"Urghhh" I felt like crying. What else had happened to me while i was under the influence of toxins in my body...

"Morning" I turned to see another person lying beside me, his eyes half closed but conscious enough to know someone else was with him. I looked more closely at the figure and gasped.


"What?" He replied lazily.

"What?" I was so confused. "What are you doing here?" He didn't answer but just moved closer to me, leaning in for a kiss. What was happening? I shunted my body against him to try and decrease the distance between us. He misunderstood my actions and moved even closer to me. I closed my eyes thinking of a solution to the weird things happening here. Then i realised. As soon as i opened my eyes again i saw not Louis leaning over me, but Lucas. It had been a hallucination and the drug hadn't stopped infecting me. I twisted my body round so he couldn't touch me the way he initially wanted to. But he had the upper hand and crept his hand onto my body, so that it snaked round me like the kidnapper did the other night. I moved further away from the bed and fell off. I dangled from the handcuffs that bit into my flesh and caused blood to seep out of the wounds. As i lay dangling half on the bed and half on the floor, i could see straight under the bed where what i saw made my blood curdle and freeze. I threw up on the carpet at the sight of a body under the bed. A girl, around the same age as me bore the same bruises as i and wore a gag. She was as still as a stone. Her skin was icily pale, a sickly residue of saliva crusted her lips. She was dead.


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