Eliana is an average directioner who would love to see One Direction. Sadly for her, she suffers the disput of domestic violence. Only the prospect and hope that One Direction gives her helps her cope with her situation. However, when the thing she loves most has been shut off and she is taken in by some strangers, her life takes a turn for the worse. Will she ever rise up and become happy once more?


33. Treatment

I tore my eyes open and gazed around the room. Pondering the situation, I regarded the door knob as it twisted in one direction. First, a hand made it's way into my view; before long a figure emerged. In front of the doorway, Louis stood gleaming over at me. The corners of his mouth bent upwards in greeting and immediately I was filled with euphoria.

"Hi Niall, I just came to see how you're do-"

"Louis! You're alive! You're really alive!" I screamed.

He turned his head, furrowing his brows. "Um...Niall?"

"Oh wow! Once the boys find out...they'll be over the moon!" I continued, ignoring whatever he was trying to impose.

"Do you remember anything about yesterday?" Caution filled his voice.

"Of course, Eliana woke up and you were there...but you were dead..." I frowned, thinking about how Louis could be alive. I allowed myself to become disjointed and lose the euphoria in this contemplation of events.

"What about the fire Niall?" Louis said, interrupting my thoughts.

"You were in the fire" I plainly stated. Why was he asking, it wasn't like Louis to be so concerned and grave. What more was there to it?

Louis cupped his face in his hands and heaved out a long and mournful sigh. I reached out an arm to soothe him when suddenly I screamed. Louis bolted upright, staring hard at me; but I didn't pay any attention to him. I focused my gaze on my arms, studying the odd colour and texture. The skin looked bruised and beaten as if I'd been in an accident; yet I had no recollection of such an incident. My heart beat faster as I began panicking. What had happened to me?

"Wait...wh...wha...what?" I began stammering in shock. "Louis...what's happened to me?" But Louis was halfway to the door by now.

"Louis? Where you going? Tell me what's wrong!" Tears welled to my eyes but Louis ignored my cries as the new, incontrovertible fear set in. He ran out the door, leaving me bellowing his name with a screech.

I slumped against the headboard, waiting for his return with a sustained optimism. Moments later, Louis sped in mechanically. Following suit was a doctor, consuming the previous paces as he tore into the room.

"I understand you're in a bit of shock Mr Horan" Stated the doctor.

"More than shock. What's happened to me?!" I waited while the doctor gave a long sigh. He turned to Louis and whispered in a voice barely audible, "He's suffering from amnesia"

"What are you talking about!" I bellowed across the room, sounding more vociferous than intended.

The doctor made his way to the side of the hospital bed, removing a clipboard from the end, then pulling out a pen from a pocket on his chest. The experienced man gave a slight grunt before scribbling something onto the clipboard and then looking back at me over his silver-rimmed glasses.

"You have amnesia Mr Horan"

"I can't have. My memory's perfectly fine" I countered stubbornly, despite the inner thought that the doctor was speaking the truth.

"What do you remember of yesterday?" He said with confidence.

"Eleanor woke up and Louis revealed himself after all the time he was thought dead, which in fact, he wasn't" I said as if it were the most obvious thing ever. Which it was. Apparently,that did happen. Within the next moments, everything seemed a blur as I was filled in about the events following the fire. Everything I'd known was wrong. Despite the doctor's best efforts I continually countered his facts but with little justification.

I'd lost my memory with no recollection of the day before.


"Excuse me?" The doctor stared dumfounded at me, waiting for some explanation. After a few minutes of mulling over the words I continued.

"Why have I lost it when I had so clearly remembered yesterday"

"As with your friend, Eliana, it seems the accident has caused yourself to experience short-term memory loss. It may be the case you'll never recover" The doctor drew up a solemn expression.


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