Eliana is an average directioner who would love to see One Direction. Sadly for her, she suffers the disput of domestic violence. Only the prospect and hope that One Direction gives her helps her cope with her situation. However, when the thing she loves most has been shut off and she is taken in by some strangers, her life takes a turn for the worse. Will she ever rise up and become happy once more?


31. The real story...

I was roused by an echoing voice beside me. As I looked up from where I lay, Louis was sat on the bed calling to me, "Wake up".

"Louis!" He jumped."You're alive! I can't believe it! You're alive!" Louis looked at me with a watchful expression as the rest of the boys ran inside, hearing the commotion. Eliana followed suit with a happy yet devastated look on her face.

"Guys! Louis' alive! I told you he was!" I grinned at them in my joy but their smiles quickly fastened shut the moment I'd opened my mouth. Ignoring them, I shifted my gaze.

"And Eliana! You're looking much better! Do you remember us alright?" I questioned. Although her glare shifted from my face with a stifled sob.

The boys crowded around the bed but their expressions were deeply mournful. The smile that I once held now faltered.

"What's wrong?"

 Eliana and the boys screened their faces with their hair and soon the room fell silent.

"You don't remember anything?" Whispered Zayn, breaking the silence.

"Of course I do! It seemed Louis died but he's back now"

Zayn breathed out heavily and then drew in another deep breath. "No Niall, that didn't happen"

"What? Of course it did!" I sat up, perplexed, watching Zayn shifting uncomfortably on the spot.

"No Niall. If it had happened then you wouldn't be sitting where you are now" Interjected Liam who locked eyes with me. His brows raised and he bent his head downwards as if to propose his concern using only facial expression.

What? I turned to look at the bed I was resting on. The sheeting was thin and stained with a shade of off-blue. The frame was white and cruelly hard and metallic. I then surveyed the room which was bathed in a bright light; the source of which was a set of lights overhanging the bed. Machines whirred and suddenly I became aware of a strong clinical smell. The hospital.

As I draped an arm across the bed, I gasped. Wires were strung from needles, which were then attached to my skin. But what shocked me most was the colour and texture. Rather than finding my pale and soft skin, I saw that it was pink and raw. Bits of skin were flaking off, sitting erect as if they belonged there. I ran my hand across a piece of skin which felt tough. I didn't have any sensation. Although when I ran my hand across a softer piece of my skin, I winced in pain. This part of my skin was a lot more delicate to the touch.

I dragged my hands to my face ever so slowly. Cautiously, I felt my way around my features. Like my arm, the skin was tough and strong in some places yet delicate and vulnerable in others. I shut my eyes trying to understand the situation. As I did so, I let my hands continue exploring my face. I raised them to stroke my hair and to my horror, found none. I rubbed at my head, smooth and hairless save some stubble.

I racked my brain for an understanding. What happened to me? Why am I here? What's wrong with me?

"You were in a fire" Louis said, as if understanding my confusion from my disconcerted expression. I just stared, too blown away to say anything.

"The night I was held hostage you followed Eliana and were caught. You were trapped in a building that was set on fire"

"But that was you!" It was Louis. I'd heard all about it.

"No it was-"

"Yes! Everyone thought you were dead. We mourned you!"

"Niall, just list-"

"It was you" I grew quiet, feeling dizzy and scared.


"I think I can clear things up" Eliana shifted across the room to face me, withdrawing a single piece if paper from within her jean pocket. It was strewn with writing. I didn't speak out or interrupt, I just watched. Unfolding the piece of paper, she began:

"My name is Eliana. I have faced danger and fought a battle against my own fear. One night, I was captured in an attempt to save a friend named Louis, Louis Tomlinson. I was drugged. I watched in horror as he was burnt alive and I believed him to be dead. The following months after escape, I was under this idea. Another fateful day, I passed out which led to on-going treatment from the hospital being used to help me overcome the danger of the drugs. I awoke from a coma several months later. Louis didn't die, nor was he in a fire. Another friend of mine, Niall, Niall Horan, was the victim. I soon learnt he had followed me on the night I intended to save Louis. Louis had fortunately escaped from the clutches of Lucas Black's colleagues. Lucas Black was a man with a pure incentive to hurt and kill me and his colleagues only wanted it just as much.

They took Niall, captured him and then chained him to a chair. Like myself, he had been drugged. But Lucas' colleagues were ruthless. They gave him drugs that were a lot stronger. They also treated him with disrespect. Covering Niall with petrol, they intended to make his hair look darker like Louis' hair and most unfortunately, they wanted him to burn quicker. When the building (that Niall was locked in) collapsed, I believed Louis had died. Under the influence of the drugs, I began mourning Louis. I thought the boys knew but they spoke about Niall not Louis. The drugs had distorted my mind so much that I was mistaking Louis for Niall. It wasn't until I awoke from the coma that I understood these things.

Lucas Black is now dead and his colleagues are in prison. They will spend their life in hell when their time comes."

The room filled with a triumphant silence. I sat still, mulling over everything I'd just heard.

"But I was there after the fire. I spoke to you all!"

"Niall" Whispered Eliana. "You passed out when the fire was blazing. You've been in a coma ever since. To be honest, you're really lucky to be alive. When the paramedics came you were rushed straight to A & E with 3rd and 4th degree burns. That can be fatal. You had to have immediate skin graphs before you were set in a full body cast to protect your skin from further damage. Fortunately it's healing now."

"But I was there when you woke up! You didn't remember any of us except Louis, and then everyone was shocked that Louis was there because he was supposed to be dead!"

Rather than beginning to interrupt, Eliana fell silent.

"Wait. You saw when I woke up?"

"Yes and I was there!"

Eliana pondered this new information before speaking again.

"It was a dream"

"It couldn't have been! I saw what happened. You can't see real events in dreams!"

"But...the drugs! It was the drugs that caused you to have such a vivid dream! I think I might be able to explain further. You see, your mind had been fractured and reality had seemed to coerce with your consciousness so that you were able to pass your mind into this reality without realising you were actually dreaming. All that you believed about Louis dying was untrue, fiction even.

What was it that you experienced Niall?"

Then I explained everything. The boys stared down, wide eyed, watching as I re-told the events of the last months which in fact spread to a year, and in fact added up to a dream. Eliana gave the odd nod, showing she was engaged and listening well enough. When I finished she sat for a while thinking to herself.

"It seems everything you remember follows the events that really happened yet your perception of Louis' death was wrong, much like me. My only explanation is the drugs. Although by what you say, your dreams seemed to have ended once I recovered"

"How do you mean" I questioned.

"Well you said that I'd woken up, but once I'd passed out, you could only remember darkness. It wasn't a moment that you dreamt no more, but several more months; meaning was several months ago from that night I woke from my coma"

I exhaled slowly, taking in the situation and considering everything that happened.

"Do you understand now?" I tilted my head to look at her. With a nod she retreated back to meet the boys. I drifted off, concentrating on this new information as they whispered to and fro between each other.


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