Eliana is an average directioner who would love to see One Direction. Sadly for her, she suffers the disput of domestic violence. Only the prospect and hope that One Direction gives her helps her cope with her situation. However, when the thing she loves most has been shut off and she is taken in by some strangers, her life takes a turn for the worse. Will she ever rise up and become happy once more?


9. Shadows

It had been 5 days since i arrived at One Direction's shared house. Under Louis' orders i hadn't left the house since those 5 days so that i could be protected from the danger outside. At this moment i was sat in what i now considered my room. It was humbling of the boys to allow me into their place and they did so much to make me feel at home. They bought me new belongings such as clothing and other necessities as well as buying me new sheets for a bed that previously didn't have any. My room was white but not horrible like in a clynical way. Today, the boys were out for whatever reason necessary while Liam was sat downstairs so that i could be protected from the danger of previous days. I felt safer to have at least one of the boys staying home all day to protect me. I walked to the window; just as Louis' car pulled into the drive and the rest of the boys came walking out. The boys laughed their way to the door; Nandos bags held in their arms. I could hear the door open downstairs and footsteps shuffle into the hallway.

"Eliana! We have Starbucks coffee and Nandos!" Louis shouted up the stairs. I giggled.

"I'll be down in a minute Louis!" I called back. I turned my head away from the door, smiled and took another look out at the landscape before me.

But as i looked out and surveyed the horizon lined with hedge-rows and trees, i couldn't help but notice something peculiar. Far off in the distance, a small black animal ran out from a large hedge and into the open. It reached the middle of a green field of long grass when it abruptly stopped. It's ears flicked forwards and its head immediately turned in the direction of the house. It was staring at more than the house though. It was staring into this window. It was staring exactly at me. Even though i couldn't see the features of the creature's face i could still sense the animal's eyes boring into me. The way it stood rigidly made my skin crawl with a sense of horrid foreboding. Dread flooded my mind and i began to feel incredibly cold. A force began to crawl up my throat, threatning to constrict my airways. I choked, gagging for my breath. I suddenly stumbled over a chair, arms flailing in the air for an object to grab onto. But it was too late, and i fell. I landed directly on my elbow. The moment i heard a bone crack under the weight of the fall, i let out a heart stopping screech in pain. My arm bent in a way that can only be imagined as being part of hideously demonic dream. I bit at my lip hard enough to draw blood and tears shot to my eyes immediately. The pain coursing through my veins burned. My arm hurt so much.

Downstairs i heard plates shatter and feet stab the stairs as people ran to the top. I was on the floor, reeling with pain when the boys all ran into my room; fear etched onto every ridge of their youthful faces. Louis was next to me first. He knelt over trying to coax me into forgetting the terrible pain that wouldn't cease to cause me to feel so broken.

"It h...h..h.hurts...L..L..Louis" I both sobbed and gasped. Liam walked to Louis handing him a first aid kit. I watched with what strength i had at how Louis frustratingly grabbed at a bandage. He looked into my eyes and i hadn't realised just how upset he was. His blue eyes were mystified with tears that shook every time i winced in great pain. He unravelled the bandage and carefully held my broken arm up and placed it in his lap despite the blood oozing out of it. He wrapped it around my arm carefully again, in order to help with the blood loss, but not tight enough to cause more damage to the arm. I still sat there crying as the boys came over to me and lifted me up from the floor with little effort on their part. They walked me out away from the room but not before i looked back through the window to see the dark animal still up looking at my window. But this time, it was dead.

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