Eliana is an average directioner who would love to see One Direction. Sadly for her, she suffers the disput of domestic violence. Only the prospect and hope that One Direction gives her helps her cope with her situation. However, when the thing she loves most has been shut off and she is taken in by some strangers, her life takes a turn for the worse. Will she ever rise up and become happy once more?


4. Louis' warning

I walked through darkness. The only sense of direction i had was forward and even still i didn't know whether i was going to fall into the black abyss of nothingness. Step after unknown step, the clock ticked by. As i walked, a faint dot of white light appeared in front of me, just a distance away. I quickened my pace and the dot became a hole, the hole then transforming into an archway. The moment i reached the archway i realised that the white came from atmospheric light. It was difficult to see much beyond the archway though, so i walked through it. I was back in the forest again. The trees moved with the wind and nature whispered to me. I could feel the power of it as if it were magic. I wanted to stay here longer; find out where this place was and why i was dreaming about it. As i got further into the woods through walking, the autumn leaves clustered a foot above the ground. Their shapes were misfigured through the snaping of the leaf ends. I stopped to look at the sky. Purple flecks of light scattered the blue sky. Odd. I stood staring up at it until i heard several patterned crunches of footprints on leaves. I whipped my head around, causing my blonde tangable hair to slap me in the face. I pushed away the strands that didn't retaliate with a flick of my head and quickly directed my attention to the figure before me. They had a slim body, short-ish brown hair that stuck up in places and a fairly muscular build. I could see it wasn't a girl. I recognised the face however, even though the shadows from the trees blocked out most of the features. It was Louis. Louis Tomlinson.


"GET AWAY!" Louis screamed violently. I held myself against the tree for support and had to do a double take. Care-free and mischievous Louis had spoken in a way of all seriousness. Never, even in my own dreams would he shout violently as he did at a fan.

"Excuse me?"

"ESCAPE, what ever you do just get away" He shouted at first but became calmer.However i still couldn't get past the deperation filling his voice. His eyes struck out, red with what? Fear? He stared around him before his gaze landed on me and his expression hardened once again. He studied my body for something but couldn't find what he was looking for; which became apparent when he looked me in the eyes.

"You are in danger, if you don't act now the consequences are-"

Suddenly the dream became less whole as the image became milky with the likes of a smoky substance. I barely heard the last of Louis's words but i expected he meant the worst. I waited to hear more but it wouldn't happen; i was back in the black abyss of nothingness yet again. It was a dream, just a dream. It's still a dream, i realised. The drugs would have caused a sort of hallucination. It was the only viable option to condiser and to answer the oddness of the occurence. The worst thing about it however wasn't the fact that Louis had shouted aggressively at me. It was the fact that what he said related to the situation i'm in. But how could Louis possibly understand the situation i'm stuck in? How could he get into my dreams to warn me?

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