Eliana is an average directioner who would love to see One Direction. Sadly for her, she suffers the disput of domestic violence. Only the prospect and hope that One Direction gives her helps her cope with her situation. However, when the thing she loves most has been shut off and she is taken in by some strangers, her life takes a turn for the worse. Will she ever rise up and become happy once more?


16. Fire

Yet again, I had been violated, leaving only a version of me that was drug-induced and completely helpless. A sudden pain released me from the slumber and my face ached with the sting of a wound cajoled by physical contact. I had been knocked out as it seemed. Not only that, my hands and feet were held firmly by the grip of rope, holding me tightly to a wooden chair.

I sat in front of a window whereby moonlight flooded the room revealing characteristic features of the furniture. I was in an upstairs room, my old childhood one in fact.


I jumped. Out of the shadows a tall figure came to kneel beside me.The blood-curdling 'sing-song' of the voice made my skin crawl.

"I see you have come to find me...I always knew you were weak...since the first time I laid my eyes on you..." Rippling his tongue Lucas continued.

"You are a fine creature Eliana, you are troublesome nevertheless. Yet now I have you, I plan on never letting you go. If you consider succumbing to my plans then maybe you shan't have to be tied up all of the time-"

Lucas hissed.

"-but I DO love to see you squirm"

I felt like throwing up.

"Where's Louis, Lucas! You said if I were to come he would be set free"

"If you recall, I never said he would be free, I just said I wouldn't kill him" The words echoed playfully.

"Then where is he!"

"No need to demand my petal-"

I groaned in disgust. How dare he name me as if I am his own possession.

"He is free, technically, yet if I was to completely free him then of course he would find a way of stopping me, wouldn't he? With what he knows now..."

"But Liam, and the other boys know-"

"And we shall be long gone before they find us"

"So where's Louis, tell me!"

"Well, this is the best part. You see that building over there?" He pointed out of the window I faced, towards a building completely opposite this one.

"There's a reason why you sit in that spot"

Withdrawing his hand from his side, he brought his fingers to meet his mouth and bellowed out a long whistle. I stared at the building looking for any change when suddenly I saw a figure standing slouched on a chair, mirroring the exact place I sat now. However, I could see nothing to define the figure by gender or look. Far down below, along the street, a hunched man strode across towards the house. In his hand he held a small device undistinguishable to see from my height. He passed through the door and in seconds left the building, closing the door behind him. Just as he passed the house he looked up to where I sat, nodded and ran off into the darkness. I looked at Lucas whose face looked greedy and satisfied. Sinister a man he was, I worried about what was to happen next.

5 minutes passed. I continued staring at the house, seeing nothing. I turned my head to Lucas who was now cunningly rubbing his hands together in sardonic content. As I turned back I noticed something yellow moving at the bottom of the house. Then another sliver of yellow passed upstairs in the room where the figure sat still hunched over. It moved elegantly around the room and I watched as it grew in size. I then realised it was fire. Fire in the house. My next thought was of the figure. At that moment a spark flew through the room in which the person sat and their body became distinguishable. It was Louis.


"I kept my word that I wouldn't kill him...I never said someone else wouldn't kill wouldn't have thought you're step-dad was as cunning as I but then that's what makes us great men I suppose" His composure was calm and relaxed.

Furtively panicking, I looked back at the house. The fire licked the walls and increased in size every few seconds. The sky was being filled with smoke and the room in which Louis sat in was soon to be burnt away. Even Louis. What most scared me was the fact he hadn't woken up.

"WHY ISN'T HE WAKING UP!" Pulse raising I had no time for courtesy.

"I like to have my drugs as you may understand, so I was bent on finding the strongest of them all...not enough to kill but perhaps disable the mind or rectify a coma of sorts...something powerful"


"Don't you see! I YEARN for it. All my life I have watched you grow and I thought, I have to have something as precious as that in my life. But your family stopped me and once they were eliminated you were mine to control. That stupid Louis kid had to come along and ruin everything so he, in turn, has to be removed. Soon he will be dead and then you and I will be together!" Manic laughter infiltrated the room.

"WAIT. You watched me!?"

He just laughed. Sickened, I was just sickened. Tears were rolling down my cheeks as I watched Louis still unconscious and unaware of the fire that was now nearly consuming him.

"YOU SICK BASTARD! HOW DARE YOU!" I gathered all of my energy and managed to squeeze my hands free from the rope. I aimed for his face and attacked. My intention was to flee. Lucas hissed and then suddenly the whole ground shook. I fell back onto the floor wailing in fury. An explosion. I shifted towards the window and the house as it seemed had been blown up. The angry fire was dissipating and now the sky was only filled with black smoke. I stared hard at the building, at where Louis was sat. I could see nothing but smoke. Then almost as quickly as the fire had started, the whole building began collapsing in on itself.

"NOOOOOOOO" My voice choked with pain.

Out from behind me I heard Lucas getting up, I could hear the staggering hatred in each breath he took. My only option was jump out the window. Yet I was hindered by the chair I had failed to untie from my legs. I turned to look at Lucas once more, weighing up my options. His face was contorted in fury and he bled from both mouth and nose. That's when I shoved myself away, off of the window ledge.

Sorry for swearing and also about my lack of updates. I had exams and stuff but now i'm free and i'll be writing more chapters for you to read :)

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