Eliana is an average directioner who would love to see One Direction. Sadly for her, she suffers the disput of domestic violence. Only the prospect and hope that One Direction gives her helps her cope with her situation. However, when the thing she loves most has been shut off and she is taken in by some strangers, her life takes a turn for the worse. Will she ever rise up and become happy once more?


11. Explaining...


Dazed by the bizarness of his words and speech but also touched by his emotions towards me, i was torn with so many feelings categorically running through my brain. I watched as he turned his head away from me and ran a hand through his hair, taking a long and deep breath.

"How much did you hear?"

"From the moment you said you were scared..."

His mouth hung open as his eyes raked my face.

"Louis, what's going on, why were you talking as if someone else was here?"

"I guess the time is right" He chuckled but his smile didn't meet his eyes. Something wasn't right and i intended to find out what. I tilted my head to the side and waited for an explanation while his half closed eyes stared back at me for some time. I opened my mouth to ask more but Louis suddenly got up from the chair and walked away from the bed. He walked slowly but soon his gait gained speed and i saw that he was heading towards the door. I shifted from the bed, pulling the sheeting from my body and i lept onto the floor. The ground was icily cold beneath my bare feet. I ignored the sensation to stay safe in my hospital bed and ran after Louis who was fast approaching the door. He slid so silently from the room that it was unclear whether he was in a rush. I jabbed the door open and ran out of the ward in Louis' direction. He was much faster than me but i couldn't let him get away.

"LOUIS!" I screamed. He stopped dead in his tracks and looked at me for a second before running back and gripping my hand in his. He tugged me along with him hard enough that i had to run to stay in pace with him. Nothing felt right. Everything felt so strange and surreal. I began questioning my sanity.

Louis led me from the hospital reception and outside where he pulled me along to a field of trees. We stepped over branches and bent beneath trees to the middle of a mini-forest. The sun leaked through the leaves but the forest was still as dark as an early morning. I looked around at the birds hopping from one branch to the other and then turned my attention to Louis who was sat kneeling on the grass floor by my feet. I bent down and sat beside him, watching his every move.

"I have a connection with you that i can't stop..." He looked all around him so that he wouldn't be overheard and lowered his voice. I bent my face in closer to hear.

"Eliana, you may think of me as an average yet lucky person from a boyband who doesn't have anything peculiar going on in his life...but that perspective is far from the truth."

He looked me deep in the eyes with a hostile expression plastered eerily on his face.

"I don't under-"

"You need to know about me...about what i have to say. It all started when i reached my 10th birthday. I started having dreams. I didn't think they were out of the ordinary because they were just dreams and only dreams. But these dreams gave me emotions that no other 10 year old has ever experienced. My dreams were centred in a forest where i ended up meeting people i hadn't seen before. I oddly grew panicky and anxious for these people. I learnt that they were in danger or trouble and that they needed help. I warned them. Days after the dreams i ended up seeing these people in real life. They came to me seeking assurance and a sanctity which i couldn't promise them. After my refusal to help i learnt that they all died. At first i didn't think anything of it, but soon i began to blame myslef for their death and murder because i hadn't helped them." Louis shed a tear before taking a deep breath and speaking again.

"My life is a mess and this...what i give me a...a..a connection with the people who once were alive, is a curse. I took you in Eliana. I want to keep you safe. I have known about you from the dreams before you were even fully aware that i was in them. That is why i said i love you. I mean it and it is even more painful to see you get hurt by what is out there. I want you safe. I don't want the past to become a reality."

I was stunned. Dreams...did that mean my future was as bleak as the previous dream dwellers?

"Louis..." My face was so close to his that i could smell the mint in his breath. I leaned in and so did he, but i hesitated. I wanted to kiss him so badly that i could scream in frustration, but i couldn't help but burst into tears. I didn't want to die, the last few days had shown what life is worth to me and i didn't want to lose it. Louis wrapped his arms protectively around me and rocked me gently from side to side. He smelled so good and felt so perfect in my arms that i relaxed a little. I focused just on him and slid my hand up to the nape of his neck. I ran my fingers through his hair slowly and pulled away. I entwined my hands in his and we sat there staring at each other; smiles plastering our faces. The euphoria was electrifying.

I looked from Louis to the opposite side of the forest that his back was facing. I saw something dark strewn out across a large log. It's body was black and it's eyes were cold and menacing. I stared a little harder at the object before i started to remember. There on the large wooden log was the dead animal from yesterday, it's eyes still subjectively staring at me.

A force gripped at my throat like before so i looked away to combat the force. I was sat down so i couldn't fall and hurt myslef like last time. I had the upper hand. I turned to Louis who was still smiling at me dreamily. That's when things went wrong. I started convulsing violently. My heart was pumping madly and i found simply breathing a difficult task to do. My airways became fogged. I was blacking out.

Louis P.O.V.

Eliana sat staring at me with a radiant smile on her face. She looked so beautiful and i think she deserved to know. I was thinking of telling her when her face suddenly screwed up in pain. Her body twitched and convulsed mechanically. Her eyes were wide with panic. She started choking on saliva that seemed to effortlessly stream out of her mouth at a rapid pace. I grabbed at her as she blacked out. Oh God.

"Eliana? Eliana do you hear me?" Her body became less erratic but her heart rate was dropping quickly. She was going into cardiac arrest. I grabbed out my mobile and dialled 999 stating only the location and that a person was going into cardiac arrest before shutting off the connection. I then rang Liam, he would know what to do.

"Liam? Are you there?"

"Yea what's up Louis?"

"Emergency! How do you stop cardiac arre-"

My phone was kicked clean from my hand. I looked up to see a man towering above me before he slammed his fist into the side of my head and i blacked out.


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