Eliana is an average directioner who would love to see One Direction. Sadly for her, she suffers the disput of domestic violence. Only the prospect and hope that One Direction gives her helps her cope with her situation. However, when the thing she loves most has been shut off and she is taken in by some strangers, her life takes a turn for the worse. Will she ever rise up and become happy once more?


28. Doctors

Eliana's P.O.V...

I listened as people spoke, cried, laughed, shouted, screamed and wailed. The voices got louder and louder the more awake I began to feel. My body twitched and I could feel my arms. Again it twitched and a moment later I could feel my legs and feet. Several more twitches and I could feel my whole body, yet my mouth seemed plainly shut and resisted any attempts to wake. I pulled my eyelids away from one another and fluttered my eyes open. Immediately they burned from a bright light over- hanging my face. I closed them shut but then slowly released the pressure the more I got used to the light.

I found myself lying on a hospital bed, arms punctured with multiple needles that endlessly filled my body with fluids. When I turned my attention to the room I gasped as several eager, yet worried faces stared back at me. A middle-aged man with round glasses and bushy eyebrows, was staring particularly hard into my face. His hazel eyes twitched from left-to-right as he analysed my face. Out of his coat pocket , he withdrew a small instrument. Raising another hand, he held open my right eye and then shone a light directly into it. Immediately I shut it, feeling the light blind me. He studied me for a little while longer, checking my pulse. Finally he withdrew the close proximity first instigated from the inspection. With a scribble on his notepad, the doctor turned away and spoke to the people gathered around the bed who I inferred were all nurses.

"It must be a miracle!" I heard him whisper to the band of nurses.

"Her vitals are fine and it looks like her health is good. However, we still need to give her the medication to help clear her systems. I fear that her stability is weak and that she will require rigorous treatment to combat any after-effects of the drugs"

The nurses nodded as he addressed them, their keen eyes following every gesture that made his point clear. The shoes of the doctor swivelled around to face the bed where he looked towards me.

"Hello Eliana, my name's Doctor White and these nurses are here to help if ever you need it. Do you know why you're here?"

I nodded.

He eyed me in concern. "Are you able to speak?" I painfully parted my dry lips from one another and seemed to give out a groan. I coughed several times before replying with a feeble and hoarse ""

He gave a stout smile.

"That's good to know. Do you feel any different?"

"Just...a...lit..tle..tired" I tried to laugh with irony, but instead I made another painful moan.

"Then I suggest you get some rest. Your friends will be happy to see you're ok" With that, the doctor walked off, leaving the nurses to trot after him like children.

My brain hurt from thinking even though I thought about little in those few moments. Even still, I found I was exhausted beyond belief. Curling up in the best way I could, since I had needles in my body, I allowed myself to be consumed by sleep. But not before I channelled my brain thinking, I don't have any friends...

                                                                    * * * * * * * * * * * *

I woke up in the middle of the night when I felt a pressure at the foot of my bed. Squinting through the darkness, my eyes landed on a male figure who sat smiling at me.

"I expect your slightly confused after what's happened," Said the figure in a deep, husky voice. "If you have any questions, just fire away!" A cheeky grin replaced the smile. Using my arms, I pushed myself further up the bed until I was sitting upright. I stretched them as far as the cables attaching the needles to my arms would go and then I stifled a long and well-needed yawn.

"How...long...have...I been...out?" I finally asked.

"About 3 months"

I involuntarily gave out a "whoa" as my eyes bulged with surprise. "That...long...?"

The figure nodded, allowing his curls to bounce up and down.

"Is there anything else you wanted to ask or say?" He cocked up an eyebrow with a smile hidden in his eyes.

"No," I turned around readying myself for sleep again.

"I'm not a doctor..."

Fear gripped me. "Then...who...are...y...ou?

"Eliana, it's me, Harry" He bent forwards in an attempt to help me get a better look.

I receded. "I...don't...know...a...Harry" Who was this guy? My palms grew sweaty and I started panicking.

"But what about Niall, Liam, Zayn...Louis" He winced.

"I don''re...talking about,!" I grappled to find some sort of alarm to alert the staff.


" name!" My heart beat faster each minute.

"I'm your frie-"


"Just calm down Eliana" He put his hands upon my shoulders and then my mind whirled with fear.

"GET...OFF...OF...ME! HELP!" I shoved him away and despite the pain, I ripped out the needles and made a run for it. I stumbled out of the bed and hobbled across the floor. Harry was running fast after me, as if he was a ruthless killer. I had no idea of his intentions and I was scared because of it. I ripped open the ward door and made my way along the corridor.

"HELP! SOME...BODY...HELP...M...ME!" I wailed. I chocked on my tears as I heard Harry's footsteps belt down the corridor. Out of a door to my left came a blond haired guy. He took one look at me and recognition filled his face.

"Eliana! You're alright!" He jogged over with his arms out wide. I reeled and ran on faster.


I continued running until I found I was standing in a waiting room. Several people were sat down and all of them stared at me. It was 2 others who caught my attentionthough as they immediately stood up and smiled at me. I felt as if something sinister was at large. They came forward and just as the other had done, announced my name, arms out wide. Turning away I changed my direction, heading backwards, but then my way became blocked by the blond haired guy and 'Harry'. My head buzzed and I stood in the middle of the 4 like a frightened lamb. They all drove in closer with smiles growing wider, the closer they got.

"It's so good to hear you're ok" Said a guy with jet black hair.

My eyes widened. The male figure put his arm out to touch my shoulder. I looked at the tattoos strewn across his arm, some sinister in nature and I screamed.

"DON'T...TOUCH ME!" He quickly withdrew his arm as if I were a wild animal about to bite him.

"What's wrong with Eliana? Eliana, you don't seem like yourself" Said the guy standing next to the black haired one. His face seemed to show him as a modest person but I didn't trust it. My head swerved this way and that as each person spoke among themselves, using my name multiple times.

"I DON'T...KNOW...YOU...PEOPLE!!" I dropped to the floor screaming 'help' when I heard several people speed across the room. The doctor approached, peering down at me and the boys with a angered expression.

"What are doing out here?! You are supposed to be resting in bed! What ever is the matter?!" His face glowed menacingly red in the light.

"Help me! I...don't...know...who...these...people...are!"

"Don't you remember them?"

"I've never...seen...them...before......" Something sharp pricked the nape of my neck and I started becoming woozy. I looked up to see a nurse holding a needle and quickly dispensing it in  a hazardous-symbolized-bin. The guys looked down at me in shock and turned their attention to the doctor where an argument was taking place. Cheeks flared red and eyes were wide with madness.

I, on the other hand, felt an odd calm come over me as I looked around the room. I let my head loll around as I paid no attention to what was going on. My vision became rose-tinted as everything seemed so safe and normal. I saw snow fall in the building and I reached out my hand, catching the snowflakes as if I were a child again. From out behind the arguing figures, another male figure parted the crowd and knelt down beside me.

"Hello Louis" I whispered.

The boys flung their head to face me and they stared down with disbelieving expressions etched onto their faces. I continued staring at Louis and smiling as if I were an infant who'd been given a toy. The blond haired guy spoke first.

"It's really Louis! Do you see him now?!" He stared at the others who could only respond with a slight notch of their head as they stood open-mouthed.

Louis examined my eyes, as if his eyes could see faults without medical instruments. Slowly the room darkened and I felt like I was falling asleep and entering an abyss of darkness. I experienced a falling sensation as my body travelled backwards but Louis caught me and carefully cradled me, slowly ushering me to the floor. Just as I blacked out, I saw his figure give a quick glance at my body before he turned to face the shocked expressions of the strangers.


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