Eliana is an average directioner who would love to see One Direction. Sadly for her, she suffers the disput of domestic violence. Only the prospect and hope that One Direction gives her helps her cope with her situation. However, when the thing she loves most has been shut off and she is taken in by some strangers, her life takes a turn for the worse. Will she ever rise up and become happy once more?


13. At ransom

"Eliana, what's wrong?" I had stormed through One Direction's house, slamming the door and wipping past Liam before turning on the spot and drawing a tear-streamed face to meet his. My eyes were burning and a flood of tears came from my eyes, but i was determined to follow up my actions with a response.

"Louis. Where's Louis Liam? He last called you and he was with me before i passed out."

Liam laced his hands through his hair in frustration, tensing  his arms before looking me deep in the eyes.

"Stay calm" He solidly claimed.

"What are you saying?"  Did he really know something i didn't?

"I got a call from Louis but it was...disrupted. He was in an emergency with you but thank god you're fine now". He walked towards me, arms held out ready in an embrace but i stepped back and ignored his gesture.

"Stop averting from the situation, Liam. I can tell you're not telling me something. I need to know"

A deep breath.

"I waited. I don't know why but i waited with the phone still on; listening for Louis. Eliana. I heard him scream. A real scream. Whatever i tell you next, you cannot do anything about it. You have to promise me because the problem is not yours to fix."

I thought hard about what Liam had said. His eyes analytically studied me as my mind made a battle of judgement. What if i HAD to go? I couldn't break a promise but at the same time, i needed to know what happened to Louis.

"Ok Liam, i promise"

With one dark and deep look into my eyes, Liam sped from the hallway to the empty  living room which was as silent as the light breeze curling around surreptitiously outside. I followed his tracks and slipped into the room.

"You may need to sit down for this" He whispered, slipping his mobile from behind his back and bringing it to rest in front of both of us. I obeyed and sat on the sofa alongside Liam.

I watched as he searched through his phone, sifting through the voicemail with a troubled look etched on his face. He brought the phone to sit on a small coffee table in front of us and pressed on a button that would begin the message.

"Voicemail has 1 new message..." It sang.

"...Yesterday 2.31 pm....'Don't, don't, you can't!'" Louis violently screamed. There was an stomach-wrenching thud as a foot met a body. Louis groaned silently and i knew Louis had been hurt. "Shut up or next time i'm gonna hit that pretty face of yours!" I heard the voice spit back. It was horribly familiar; husky yet harsh.

"Hello Liam, or should i say Eliana. I see that your body is breaking. I've been watching you. You're loosing your mind...looks like the drugs are doing their effect". There was a manic cackle before the speech continued. "I knew you wouldn't come to me when nothing was of importance to you. But now i see you have claimed loved ones." He breathed heavily for 10 seconds before enigmatically continuing.

"I'm taking Louis with me. I need you to meet with me and no one else can be with you. Only then can you save your precious Louis. But if you don't come by 11pm tomorrow...that's today if you've only just woken up...sadly Louis will be set to rot with the others..." The voice trailed off.

"Remember...11pm, meet me on black street in building 1A. It is the only option if you want Louis to stay safe...and alive."

The message ended there with Louis' gargled sobs catching at every word and stringing along in my brain in the deadly silence that filtered the room. Liam stood from the sofa and stared down at me very seriously.

"Don't go Eliana. We have the right people who will track down this man to get Louis back. We are One Direction after all. It will be all over the news and security will be on a high. Things will be over soon enough." He gave me a pat on the shoulder and a comforting smile before leaving the room and heading to the kitchen. I heard the kettle being put on the boil and i knew he was making tea to comfort the residing fear escalating in me.

No matter what Liam said, the horror filled with every heartbeat and dread continued to flood my brain. They could have the armed forces at hand for all i care, but this was no ordinary man going after me. It was Lucas. And Lucas wasn't human in sane standards.

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