camp one direction

Carly has always been an outcast ever since that day and no matter where she goes it follows her. So when she goes to her new summer camp she struggles to keep her secret. Then one day a group of gorgeous boys come to her summer camp and her whole world gets turned upside down. Will she find love in a hopeless place or will her past come back to haunt her?


2. We are going to be late for summer camp!

Liam's POV:

"Guys get up!!!!!!! It's time to go!!!


 I screamed down the hallway to our summer house. No answer I guess it was time for drastic measures. I grabbed four big buckets and fill them to the brim with freezing cold water. Then I opened the door to the first room; it was Niall's I quickly lifted the bucket over his head and dumped it all over him then ran out the room and I could hear him scream inside his room. I opened the door to the next room; Louis 's. I did the same as I did with Niall and ran out of his room laughing. The other guys followed soon there was four angry soaking wet guys in the hallway. Victory! I tried to put on my most innocent face and said 


 - Hey you guys weren't getting ups and we were going to be late for summer camp!"

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