camp one direction

Carly has always been an outcast ever since that day and no matter where she goes it follows her. So when she goes to her new summer camp she struggles to keep her secret. Then one day a group of gorgeous boys come to her summer camp and her whole world gets turned upside down. Will she find love in a hopeless place or will her past come back to haunt her?


5. Memories

Carly's POV:

Once everyone had set up their stuff in their rooms. (We each get two campmates I didn't see mine when i unpacked so I don't know who they are.) We were asighned groups I was with the older kids, i'm 16, so our first activity was archery.we were put into groups of three and we had to take turns shooting at a target. We started off with pratice I was pretty good, and I didn't really care if I missed since it wasn't a contest. But then the instructor told us we were gonna play a game and the winner will recieve a prize. The point of the game was to earn the most points with your team, there were 4 different teams. The first team got 40 points, the second team got 46 points, the third got 20. Then it was our teams turn I was first to go. I raised my bow and consintrated very hard and when I was about to shoot I heard a sound behind me somoene was trying to distract me and it worked my arrow went way off target and hit a tree instead! I was devistated! But it only got worse my team mates started yelling at me and calling me stuff like good for nothing and telling me that I shouldn't even be here cause I didn't belong with them and that I should just leave. All the memories of school came flooding back the name calling, the bullying ect..... I started to tell myself not to think about it but there it was the memory of the day where I tried to kill myself.

I remember it was the day of the spring formal dance I wasn't going to go because no one had asked me, so I just went about my day as if it was any old one whilst the other girls all sat together making plans to go to the mall to get their dresses. I was fine with being excluded it was better then having them tease me and beat me up. I was reading a book when I felt someone tap me on the shoulder I instantly flinched and dunked, it's a reflex.

<<It's ok I'm not going to hurt you.

 Said the person. I looked up to see my crush since middle school, Josh Carmicheal.


- Um, hi Josh, d-d-did you want something?

I asked unsure.

 - Yeah I was wondering if you wanted to go to the dance with me I mean if you don't already have a date.

This had to be a joke.


- Josh I know this is a joke.


He looked surprised.


- Why would think I would do something like that to you?


- Well, um, Ok I'll go with you.


He looked happy that I said yes.


- Ok see you tonight then.>>


 I was actually really excited I decided to skip school and spend the rest of the day getting ready.

After six hours of second guessing myself I was ready to go. I decided to go with a long flowy but fitted strapless red dress and I out my hair up in a bun with some light natural makeup. I waited for Josh to come pick me up but he called saying he couldn't because he had to run some errands for his mom and that he'd meet me there. I arrived at the address that Josh had given me for the spring formal but when I got there it looked deserted I decided to check and see if anyone was inside. When I got inside it was all dark I started looking for a light switch and when I found one I turned it on only to find there was no one. But when I started to look around the walls were covered in insults and they had stuck pictures of me dead and hurt all over the room and they had voodoo dolls that looked like me on a table all stuck with needles and knives and the worst part was there was a big banner saying kill yourself in the middle of the room. I started to cry the one person in that entire school who had never done anything to me finally did and it was the worst prank of all I finally just lost it after all this time of suffering in silence the pressure was too much. They were right the world would be a better place if I were to kill myself. I took one of the knives from the voodoo dolls and slowly ran it across a major artery. I could feel the blood oozing down my arm and I remembered all the faces of my loved ones and silently said goodbye to them before I blacked out.

I suddenly was jolted back to reality by a loud cry from one of the girls. I wasn't really listening but it sounded like she said




 I didn't know what she was talking about so I just ignored her. I just sat down on a log near the equipment and started to cry. What is wrong with me why do I always have to screw things up and make a fool of myself. Everyone hates me but I guess I deserve it I shouldn't even be here I should be dead!

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