camp one direction

Carly has always been an outcast ever since that day and no matter where she goes it follows her. So when she goes to her new summer camp she struggles to keep her secret. Then one day a group of gorgeous boys come to her summer camp and her whole world gets turned upside down. Will she find love in a hopeless place or will her past come back to haunt her?


8. Dead End

Liam's POV:

"Hi there my name is Liam Payne, may I please speak to whoever is in charge?

I said to the lady at the front desk.

- Sure, just give me a moment please.

She said holding up her finger whilst picking up the phone with her other hand. Once she was done she said:

- You can go right in apparently the boss is a big fan of yours.

- Ok, cool thanks!"

I knocked on the door and heard a loud and peppy voice call from the other side:

" Come in, come in!

- Hello, are you the person who runs this place?

I said awkwardly. The woman, Miss.Dawson as I read on the plaque on her desk, was a very tall and slender woman with big glasses wearing a floral blouse. The complete opposite of who I was expecting to be in charge. I thought it would be some big scary ex-military guy who yelled everything like a command.

- Yes I am, so what can I do for you?

- Well I was wondering if it was possible you could pull up some records about one of the campers here?

She was silent for a longtime, thinking, before she said:

- I'm really sorry but I can't, not even for you, it's against camp policy, everything in those files are private and to find out what's inside you need the person's consent otherwise it's an invasion of privacy. Again I'm really sorry.

- It's ok I understand.

I said as I started to get up. Right before I walked out the door she said:

- Sorry to ask something of you even though I couldn't give you what you want but can I please have an autograph?

- How about I get all the guys and me to sign a shirt for you and I'll give that to you instead?

- Oh wow, that would be amazing! Thank you! 

- You're welcome!"

I said with a smile and a wink before I walked out the door, still no closer to figuring this girl out.

Carly's POV:

I woke up my head pounding and a dry throat. Where was I? Oh yeah at camp with a bunch of douchbags. I sat up and instantly felt sick I ran to the bathroom and almost knocked someone over in the process. Just in time I got there and threw up in the toilet. I felt someone pull my hair back out of my face but I was too weak to react. The person started whispering reasurences this reminded me of when I was little. I don't think about when I was younger much because the memories are just too painful, but sometimes I can't help myself. It's crystal clear in my mind I remember holding my hair and comforting her softly whilst she trew up after drinking too much the night before it was about the only time I felt in control, safe from my mother, but I still couldn't help loving her. And I think she used to hate me for it.

A little while later I finally gathered my strength and looked to see who had saved me: it was the guy named Liam holding my hair and whispering to me.

"- Why did you help me?

I said weakly.

- Well I hoped that we could be friends and I thought we got off on the wrong foot so I thought this would make up for our earlier behavior.

- Our?

- Yeah Niall just went downtown to get you some supplies to make you feel better.

- Oh ok thanks. I don't know what's wrong with me I was just dreaming of.... never mind it was probably something I ate.

- Oh ok well maybe you want to take a shower and get clean. I'll just leave you to it, ok?

- Yeah sure."

Then he left probably for the best I needed to think. As I climbed into the shower I remembered what I was dreaming about. The air was crisp and cold when I got that call from the school to come in because they needed my help with some community service. It was about 7:00 when we finished cleaning up our local river and the sun had just started to set my friend offered me a ride but I felt like walking I don't know why. I had decided to take the short cut through the woods because I knew if I wasn't home by 8:00 my mother would be suspicious and I didn't feel like getting hit just for doing some good for my community. I was about half way home when I felt like I was being followed I turned around but there was nothing there. Then again a few minutes later but this time I heard something or rather someone coming, so I turned around there was no one. But then as I turned to look forward again someone put their hand in front of my mouth and pushed me to the ground. I tried to fight back but they were on top of me pinning me to the ground. I tried to scream but their hand was tight around my mouth so no sound came out. Before I knew it I had given I was just lying there limp I knew the less I struggled the faster it would be over at that point all seemed lost. Then pain excruciating pain, unbearable pain but I cried in silence not daring to make a sound. Then the stranger was gone leaving me weak and bleeding on the ground. I lay there for what seemed an eternity but was probably just a few minutes then got up. Pain tore through me like a knife, but I walked home anyway. When I got there my mother wasn't home probably out at a bar, so I went and got her sewing kit and fixed what I could. Then I cleaned up my cuts and stitched up any that needed it After I was done I went to sleep praying no one would ever find out about that night. The next day I skipped school, but had to face the fact that I would eventually have to return. The day after I returned to school wearing a long sleeved shirt and pants to cover up all the marks but when I got there everyone was looking at me like I was street trash as worthless as a rat and as dirty as one as well. No one would talk to me until I heard from behind me so how was your Tuesday night. I turned around to see Kevin the captain of the football team and a senior who never talks to me because I'm a freshman.

"- Word around school is that you begged me to take your V-card and I did.

- It was you! How could you?

- How could I what, do you a favor?"

I tried to hit him but he grabbed my hand a slapped my face.

"- Listen you little slut you tell anyone about what happened and I will find you and kill you leaving your remains for the dogs. Got it?"

I didn't respond but he knew I would do as he said. After that day I was the school slut the rumors were that I missed school because I was pregnant and that I had given him an STD. I was dirt that they had to put up with so instead of just ignoring me they tortured me. And I couldn't blame them I was weak I didn't fight back, and from then on things only got worse.


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