camp one direction

Carly has always been an outcast ever since that day and no matter where she goes it follows her. So when she goes to her new summer camp she struggles to keep her secret. Then one day a group of gorgeous boys come to her summer camp and her whole world gets turned upside down. Will she find love in a hopeless place or will her past come back to haunt her?


9. Car Crash

Carly's POV:


I had just finished my shower when I heard a knock at the bathroom door.

"- Hello? Carly it's me Niall when you're done I got some goodies for you!"

I opened the door to find them both deep in discussion.

"- Hi! So we were thinking maybe we should all just have a day in and watch movies and stuff.

- Oh ok. C-c-c-can you guys t-t-t-turn around while I change.

- Yeah sure!"

Once they had I went and changed into my pj's then grabbed a blanket and plopped down on the couch.

"- So, Niall said, I brought you some candy, ginger ale to settle your stomach and few movies."

I looked through the movies he had brought when one caught my eye, Road Trip.

I had a flash back to a few months after the rape. I had been getting very ill and putting on some weight so I decided just to be safe I should take a pregnancy test. It came back positive I didn't know what to do. I had a break down I didn't know how my mom would react would she hurt me or my child or would she understand and help me. I decided I wasn't going to be able to hide it from my mom forever so I told her. At first she thought it was some kind of sick joke then she asked how it happened. I waited a minute should I tell her? Finally I said that I went a little too far with a guy who was just a bit too persuasive which was not that far from the truth. Right? The next couple months were really hard I started wearing baggy clothes to hide my growing belly. It was working no one thought anything of it just that I was a freak who was a worthless piece of shit. Around the 8 and a half months mark I decided to tell the father.

"- Hey Kevin can I talk to you?

I said to him when he was at his locker getting ready to go home, it was the only time of day he was alone.

- What?!

He said turning around sharply.

- I-I-I have something to tell you. It's important. Please?

- Fine.

- Well a couple of days after the incident um I started not feeling very well so just in case I took a pregnancy test and it came back positive.

- WHAT!!! But that was like eight months ago, did you get rid of it?

- No, but since I'm so young it doesn't show  so much that's why I wear baggy clothes.

- This can't be happening, listen I-I want to be a part of the kids life but no one can find out and at school you are not my concern, got it?

- That's all I wanted and maybe even a little better."

-A couple weeks later-

On May 10th I had a beautiful baby girl, I named her Alexandra or Alex for short, Kevin was not in the room during her birth but he was there afterward he held her and played with her. I could tell he loved her but not me and I was comfortable with that. I was just praying he would stick around but he was a senior graduating in a month and I was just a freshman. This was going to be hard. In the coming weeks Kevin walked me home from school every day and came to take care of Alexandra, who stayed under the care of my mother whilst we were at school. He still scared me a lot and I still had nightmares about him. He was a really bad guy he would get really mad at me sometimes if he thought that I was not being a good mother or if he thought that I was being too open about our situation, and a lot of the time he would get physical. I continued to wear baggy clothing and long sleeved clothing to school even after I gave birth just because he did beat me up ad it did leave marks. On rare occasions we would manage to have a few minutes together with Alexandra without fighting, but as I said it was very rare. One day we came back and no one was home. I didn't think much of it at first they probably drove down to the park but then we went into the house and found vodka bottles everywhere. My baby. I could here Kevin next to me breathing in and out trying not to loose it. We stayed up all night waiting for them to come home, they never did. The next morning we went looking for them. As we were coming to the creek we spotted a car in it. Instantly I knew my baby was never coming home. I just fell to the ground sobbing thinking of my little girl and how terrified she would have been. Kevin ran down into the water down to the wreck and looked inside he brought out what looked like my baby but I knew it was only a corpse. I never saw Kevin, my mom or my baby ever again after that.

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