camp one direction

Carly has always been an outcast ever since that day and no matter where she goes it follows her. So when she goes to her new summer camp she struggles to keep her secret. Then one day a group of gorgeous boys come to her summer camp and her whole world gets turned upside down. Will she find love in a hopeless place or will her past come back to haunt her?


6. cabin mates

Carly's POV:

After archery,which I must say got better since everyone ignored me becuase of those one direction people. Anyway we had a free period so I decided to head back to my cabin. Hopefully my cabinmate won't show up. She or he could be a bully and decide to hurt me and cause me to cut again. On the other hand they could turn out to be really nice, but still I need time to be alone. I was almost at my cabin when I fell and hit my arm hard on a rock. I quickly got up and looked around to see if anyone had witnessed my embarassing fall. Nobody. I looked down at my arm and almost fainted it was gushing blood. I started running around looking for the nurses office. Luckily I ran into nobody. I finally found it and burst through the door. I probably looked a mess I mean I had been running so my hair was all out of place and My face was probably as red as a tomato. Not to mention the fact that blood was running down my arm and through my fingers because I was trying to stiffle the blood flow. The nurse quickly ran over looking concerned and rushed me over to the exam table. She cleaned it up with water then applied disinfectant which made me cringe with pain. When she could finally get a clear look at the wound which had slowly stopped bleeding she said with a look of relief on her face and said that I wouldn't need stitches. She got out a purple glue from a drawer and told me to hold still whilst she applied it and then bandaged it up. 


" There you go dear just try not to fall on it again and don't strain it too much and it should heal within three to four days, a week at the most."


After thanking her I started back for my cabin I still had an hour or so of free time which was good cause I was wiped out after my little adventure. I finally arrived at my cabin and was greeted with the welcoming smile of none other then.....

Liam's POV:

"Liam Payne and Niall Horan please report to the counslors office.

Some lady over the loud speaker annouced. We couldn't be in trouble already could we? Naw it was probably something else like she wanted our authograph or something. I thought smirking.


I yelled down the hallway to his room. He walked out of the bathroom looking pissed off.

- I'm right here and I heard what she said two i'm not deth.

He replied trying to sound calm and not like he wanted to punch me in the gut. Ever since we got here me and Niall had been getting on each others nerves a lot.


 - Ok then lets go.

I replied just as politly. Niall walked out of the bathroom grabbed some shoes and a shirt and we walked out the door. After about a ten minute walk we reached the counselors office. I knocked on the door and almost immedialtly it was opened by a small stought woman who was about 30. 


- Hi there we were told to come here. 


- Yes of course come sit down.

 We both tried to take the same chair and started to fight over it after a minute or so i gave up and took the one next to it. I don't understand why Niall has to be so irritating.


- Ok boys there has been a slight change in where you're going to be living. See we don't have enough room for all the campers so you two will be sharing a room with one other person. The others will stay where they are but will not be asigned new roomates.

Lucky buggers I thought. I was kinda ticked off we were promised to stay in the same cabin as our mates and now we're going to be thrown in and forced to live with a complete stranger.


- Fine ok just give us the number of our cabin and we'll be off.

I told her reluctantly. 


- Number 302"

I got up and walked out of the office this was going to be a long summer. 

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