You can have me

When Gaby, who fangirls One Direction, finally meet her boys she gets schocked. They are all so kind. But she are going to hurt some of their feelings. That's not a good start. Especially not when it's the boys you love the most..

Hey guys! Yeah! I've made a trailer! Sorry, but the quality isn't very good, and I couldn't find my original Moments song. I lost it on my phone..


6. Chapter 6

Hey guys (-: I've changed my chapter names, because it's a lot more easier (-; Love you Xx


"Revenge tastes like heaven"


Ashley POV:

I can't believe, that I behaved like that, to Gaby. She must be sad right now. Or no, maybe not. I looked out my window, to find Harry standing out in the snow. Wait? Is it already winter. That's weird. I opened my window. "What do you want, Harry?" I asked. "Come down here! I miss you!" he answered. I smiled. Maybe I've lost Gaby, but now I've Harry. I took all my clothes on. It was warm, but my mom wouldn't allow me, to not wear it. Seriously, I hate parents some times. Okay, who cares? I went outside, to find Harry. More hot than yesterday. Raaw. Ok, I need to stop my thoughts. "Hey love" he said while smiling. I couldn't stop myself smiling, which was a little embarrasing. What if, he thought, that it was too easy to get me? I started to make a snowball. "Look at my snowball!" I said to Harry. A bit childishly. "It's great Ashley!" he said and gave me a hug. "Don't smash it!" I said to him. "Do you know, what I want to do with it?" I asked him. "No" he answered. "This!" I said, and took my hand up to his head, and pushed his head, down into the snowball. "No Ashley!" he screamed. He ran after me. "Watch on Ashley!" he suddenly screamed. But it was to late, I felt into our pool. My clothes saved me that day. From fre-e-e-ezing.

Niall POV:

Gabys mom and I, were good again. Thank god for that! "Wanna have some breakfast?" she asked me, while she was smiling a beautiful smile. "Oh my god! I'm so hungry!" I asked. My eyes almost, popped out. But you know, I love food. "Haha Niall!" Gaby laughed. When we were done, we went up to Gabys room. "Why do you even like me?" she asked, while she was looking on her clothes. I looked at her with a strange look. "Who doesn't like you? I mean, you're nice, pretty and then you like me. That's a bonus for a boy!" I said. I smiled. She looked at me. "Have you even called Liam?" she asked. What? No! Liam must be really mad at me, right now. Damn, he's just so caring. I called him.

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?" someone screamed in the my telephone.

"I'm sorry! I stayed at Gaby" I answered Liam.

"NO NIALL! Why do you stay at pubs? That's disgusting!" he said

"No? You know, Gaby from the concert!" I said again. Disgusting? He eats soup with a FORK..

"You're coming soon! We're taking to Doncaster today!" He said. 

I layed my phone down. How am I going to explain this, to Gaby? I looked at her. She smiled.

"We're going to Doncaster today!" I said. She turned on a sad face. God, that turned me on. Omg, why did it do that? Maybe it was her mouth. Okay, it doesn't matter. "Okay" she said. "Do you have skype?" I asked her. "Yeah, I have." she said. She turned away, and was defently crying. "Don't cry!" I said, and took her into my arms. "I'll be back!" I told her. I got her skype. "Do you want me to drive you, to your hotel?" she asked me. "If you want to!" I answered. "If I didn't want to, I wouldn't have asked you!" she said.

Gaby POV:

Ashley are defently going, to bully me. I actually miss her. I she are going to bully me, I need to tell about her secret. I saw Harry go indside the hotel. I looked down the street. I'm eighteen! I can take with them if I want! I ran inside. The.. Girl.. Niall threw.. up on. She was just there. And looked at me. "Hey little slut! You know, it was my MOST expensive dress, Niall threw up on. And you're going to pay!" she said. "How expensive was it?" I asked her. "50 pound" she told me. I laughed. I couldn't stop. "My most expensive dress is like 600 pound worth, and I almost never use it!" I screamed and laughed. "You're going to pay!" she screamed back. "I don't want to!" I said. She punched me. It was ridiculous. And what did I do? I got mad. I looked at her. "Do you know what? I fucking don't care with you dress! And if I say, that I don't want to pay your dress, then I FUCKING don't want to pay your dress! If I'm mad at you, I'll scream at you! You fucking bitch and slut! You don't know who you're talking to! Now! I'm going to meet Niall Horan, and I fucking don't care what you mean about that, just KEEP away from me! And you don't freaking fucking dare punch me!" I yelled at her ugly face. She ran out. Wait? That was Delly Cratchworths. That is a weird name I know. It's my old bestie. She were fat, as a cow. And stupid as a horse. I started laugh. I tourned around. "What are you doing here?" Louis asked. "Hey Louis!" I said and smiled. "I asked you something!" he said. "I wanted to say goodbye to Niall!" I told him. "You already did out there!" he told me. I looked at him, with that strange look like 'What the fuck is your point?" I thought about it.

"No Louis! You're not!" I said to him. He nodded. "I can't bear to see you guys, in love. I lost Eleanor!" he  whispered in my ear. "But he's your bestfriend!" I told him. "I can still be in love with you Gaby!" he said. "If you are in love with me, you would have been at the hospital in MY room, with Niall yesterday. But guess what? You weren't!" I told him. I passed by him. "NIALL!" I yelled. "What are you doing here?" he asked me. "I love you!" I cried and buried my face, in his chest. I knew that Louis was looking at us.


I'm so sorry about my short chapters! I just can't make them long enough! I hope you still enjoy, and I know that I make many spelling mistakes, but google translate is bullshit! 

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