You can have me

When Gaby, who fangirls One Direction, finally meet her boys she gets schocked. They are all so kind. But she are going to hurt some of their feelings. That's not a good start. Especially not when it's the boys you love the most..

Hey guys! Yeah! I've made a trailer! Sorry, but the quality isn't very good, and I couldn't find my original Moments song. I lost it on my phone..


5. Chapter 5

Gaby POV:

I can't believe it! My mom told us, not to do anyting stupid. And yes, of course was is Ashley who did it. AGAIN. I'm really mad at her right now.

"Why did you do that?" I asked severely. "Don't you think I'm sorry?" Ashley asked me. I set up fast. "Why did you stop? I just told you something, and you just HAD to stop op, or what?" I shouted as loud, as I could. Ashley looked away. I sometimes heard some sounds from her. She was totally crying. But I didn't care. I looked at the door. I tried to get up, but was met by pain. I almost jumped down on the bed. I cried. "Do you know what? If you just sometimes, would help me, we wouldn't be here." Ashley shouted. I looked at her. "Help you with what? I bought tickets! It was MY fold that we met One Direction! And NOW you're complaining to me?" I shouted louder. We looked away from each other. She cried even more. It's her own fold. I can't cry. I'll just look like an idiot. "Hey love" I heard someone say. Irish dialect is soo cute. Hey, wtf? It's NIALL! I turned around. I were ready to run over to him, but I fell. Why did I do that? It's totally embarrassing. Well, right now I have other things, to care about. Niall took me up in his arms. He layed me on my bed. "I need to pee!" I whispered. I heard Ashley laugh. I looked at her. "You freaking don't dare laugh at me!" I screamed really loud. "Why did I meet you? Why did I become besties with you?" she screamed back. Niall took me into the toilet. "Love. Calm down. Your burning!" he told me. I looked at him. Before I knew, I planted mine lips on his. God, his lips were cold. "I think I've broken my legs!" I said crying even more than before. "I don't even know you!" he said, looking me in my eyes. His beautiful blue eyes. They were like diamonds. I couldn't stop myself. I needed to kiss him. "You got that one thing, Niall" I whispered. He took a step back. I found myself in panic. "So! You also hate me now? Well, you're not the first!" I cried.

Niall POV:

Oh my god, she was totally in panic. I went out to find the doctors. "She's screaming so much!" I complained to them. The doctor looked at me. "Aren't you too young to be father, to that young girl?" he asked me. Before I even thought about that, I said: "I'm her boyfriend." He looked at me with that strange look. Like, "Aren't you to old to that?" "We met over some dating site" I lied. He nodded. "She's just a little sad. Go home and do whatever you want. She'll be happy to be with her 'boyfriend'" he said. I was about to leave, but then he said something. "Oh Niall, can't you make an autograph for mine daugther?" he asked. "Sure" I said while smiling. He was disgusting. And I even don't know why I think that. Haha. I came in to Gaby. "We're going home!" I told her. She looked at me. "Oh mister Horan! I thought you were mad at me!" she said with a smirk. "You thought, you didn't know" I said. She's so beautiful. I hope she'll accept that I told, that we're in a relationship. "I should have kissed you" she mumbled. "You know, that it's a song title, right?" I asked her. "Stop stop!" she shouted. She looked me in my eyes. "I know everything about you guys! Don't try play with me!" she said with a smirk. Well, she's my kinda girlfriend, but I don't know her age. "How old are you, btw?" I asked her. She laughed. "My boyfriend should know" she said. 15? 16? I don't know. I really don't. Well, it doesn't have any interest to me.


I heard a scream. "GABY ELIZABETH JOSEPH! WHAT THE FUCK IS A BOY DOIN IN YOUR BED?" someone screamed. "Hey mom" she said tired. I stood up. I still had all my clothes on. Thank god. "I'm soo sor-" I said before she interrupted me. "First of all, I'm not a miss! Second, you don't dare have sex with my girl!" she shouted at me. "I still wear all my clothes!" I said. Good start for me, and Gabys mom. Suddenly her eyes went big, as melons. "NIALL FREAKIN HORAN?" she screamed. Fanwomen or not? She knew me. I think Gaby have told her, about me. Maybe to much. But bitch please, I'm Niall Horan.



Hey guys (-: I'm sorry if I'm too slow publishing my chapters ): And sorry if the commas aren't placed right, I just needed to make a quick publish :D I hope you enjoy reading this :) Maybe I'll publish a new chapter tomorrow!!


- Christina

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