You can have me

When Gaby, who fangirls One Direction, finally meet her boys she gets schocked. They are all so kind. But she are going to hurt some of their feelings. That's not a good start. Especially not when it's the boys you love the most..

Hey guys! Yeah! I've made a trailer! Sorry, but the quality isn't very good, and I couldn't find my original Moments song. I lost it on my phone..


4. Chapter 4

Gaby POV:

It hurts in my stomach. I've laughed in 2 hours. Non-stop. I looked at Ashley. She has soo much a crush on Harry. "2 seconds guys. Toilet is waiting for me. Come with me Ashley!" I said. Ashley and I found the toilet and I closed the door. "This is so amazing!" she said, and jumped six times. "You have the biggest crush on Harry!" I giggled. She blushed, looked down on the floor, looked up at me and nodded. "Well, I think you would make a great couple, with Harry!" I told Ashley. "You and Niall to!" she said. I didn't know, if I should tell her about the flirt, and how he looked at me. "Niall flirted with me!" I said and blushed.

Harry POV:

"That Ashley girl is really cute!" "Harry, don't make a one night stand with her! She looks like, she would do anything to get you!" Louis told me. I didn't want to make a one night stand with her. "Harry is in love!" Zayn said. He made a heart, with his hands. "Yeah, and Harry actually likes her!" I said. The boys began to laugh. It was one year since, I last had a girl friend. I saw Ashley and Gaby walk into us. Ashley were blushing. No, I'm done if she just heard, all of what we said. She looked at me. "Guys, Ashley have something to tell you" Gaby said, and pushed Ashley up to my face. Why did she do that?

Ashley POV:

It wasn't so big. I only wanted to tell them quickly, and then have fun. "My name isn't Ashley" I said. "It's actually Caroline... Caroline Sofie. But I don't like it as much. No wait. I like my name. it's just because, two years ago in school. They bullied me. So.. I changed. Everything. And my parents and... Gabrielle is the only one who knows" I said. I looked down on the floor. I hope that we don't get to emotional, and it's like "Ohh Ashley. Poor baby" and all that stuff. It felt really good to tell them. Why should they care? They just met me.. Haha. Omg Ashley stop yourself. My head hurts as hell. I looked around for Harry, but I couldn't find him. "Have you seen Harry?" I asked Gaby in a whisper. She looked at me. "No I haven't!" Harry isn't here? I ran out to find him. I heard Gaby shout something after me. I didn't care, I nedded to find Harry. "Hey love" I heard someone say. That deep voice. It MUST be Harry! I turned around. I smiled. He kissed me. "I wanna be yours!" I whispered. I gave him a hug. "I know that, you want, to be mine!" he laughed. I heard Gabys voice again. "Ashley! That is cute!" she said. I heard the boys laugh. I blushed. Just before we went home, Harry gave me a hug. I saw a piece of paper, and wrote my number down. "Do you have skype?" I asked him. He nodded. I wrote my skype name down. I kissed the note. I could see my lips on it. I gave it to him. "Call me!" I said to him. I drove Gaby home. "You are so silent" I said. "He kissed me" she mumbled. What, who? I stopped the car. It all went dark.

Niall POV:

I just want to see Manchester a little more. I got her number, and I have already kissed her. Niall, you're a hero! We went down to the hospital. We wanted to see directioners, directioners with cancer. When we came down to the hospital, an ambulance drove in. I saw two girls. One of them had brown hair. Light brown. It looked like Gabys hair. Gaby that amazing girl. When I saw the other girls hair, I opened my eyes up. It was blonde. It looked like Ashleys. I screamed. "What Niall?" Louis asked me. "It's Gaby and Ashley!" I shouted. "Haha, what a joke!" Louis laughed. We went inside. I asked the reception about Gaby and Ashley. "Well, we just called you. They just came in. "What happend?" I asked while crying. I just met these girls. Why am I so upset? I think I'm in love. "Niall, you just met this girl" Liam whispered to me. "They were talking, and the driver didn't see that it was red. I think she got shocked, so she stopped up. Then a car hitted them. The driver are okay, but the other girl. Something is wrong with her heart. It must be the shock" the receptionist said. I sat down on the couch. "Yeah.. She is beautiful. I kissed her. I gave her my number. I love her!" I mumbled. Louis heard it. "Well we're down at the cancer kids!" Louis told me. Harry stayed a bit. He asked the receptionist, were Ashley where. "We are both in love, aren't we?" I asked, but didn't looked at Harry. "Well yeah!" he said. I don't know why, but I gave him a hug. "You can both go visit the girls!" the receptionist said. We looked up. I almost ran down to her. Gaby were crying. 

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