You can have me

When Gaby, who fangirls One Direction, finally meet her boys she gets schocked. They are all so kind. But she are going to hurt some of their feelings. That's not a good start. Especially not when it's the boys you love the most..

Hey guys! Yeah! I've made a trailer! Sorry, but the quality isn't very good, and I couldn't find my original Moments song. I lost it on my phone..


2. Chapter 2

Gaby POV:

It was finally the day! Ashley were coming and getting me in her new car. I'm so jealous at that girl some times. But she's my bestie... It knocked on the door. I ran down the stairs shouting: "I'm coming now!!" I opened the door. Ashley gave me a hug. She had blonde hair and green eyes. She looked a little like Harry, because her real hair color was like Harrys. "You look amazing!" I said. "Slow down crazy, you look more amazing than me!" she laughed. "ready to go? I wanna show u, my new car!" she said. I locked the door and went down to her car. "Oh my god, I forgot our tickets!" I said. I ran inside, and took them. Ashley looked at me, with an open mouth. "Silly, they are here!" I said. "Have you even seen my car?" she asked. Omg, she had a new porsche. "Omg, my parents wouldn't allow me, to get such a exspensive car!" I said. "Yeah, and now I'm also allowed to drink!" I said. "Come on, let's drive now!" Ashley said. This car was so amazing! We drove down to the concert hall. "Wow, I never thought, that we were going to do this together!" Ashley told me. "Yeah, we never expected to do things together!" I said, looking at her. 2 years ago, Ashley and I were totally enemies. We were so rude to each other. That was so pathetic! We showed our tickets and got inside. There were already hundred of fans sitting! We found our row. Some girl asked: "VIP?" "Yeah!" I answered. "Me to!" she said. "Isn't this, the best day of your life?" she asked me. "It is, defently!" I answered. I turned around. "Gaby?" she asked. "Miley?" I said. This was so weird. I don't know, how many times she have told us, that she were NOT a Directioner. "Well, looks like some got tickets, and she even don't like them!" I said. "I must admit, that I actually like them" she said. "Well, I just found out!" I said and smiled. "How are my favourite Directioners??" Niall asked. I screamed. He looked at me. "OMG, NIALL JUST LOOKED AT YOU!" Ashley yelled. And when she said that, it got silent. The music. Everything. Everybody heard what she said. "Vas happenin?" Zayn asked Harry. "I know the exact same thing as you Zaynie!" Harry said. Some girls laughed. Niall still looked at me. Well, if it was all silent then I could shout something, and then they will hear me maybe. "Niall, do something!" I yelled. 

Niall POV:

I really wanted to help, but there were something with this girl. I couldn't stop looking at her. When she yelled to me, I felt like it made my day. "Go down talk with her!" Louis whispered to me. Our microphones started work, so everybody heard what he said. And everbody could see, who I looked at. Everybody started scream at her. "Bitch, slut", and it was MY fold. I saw tears come out her eyes. "No, wait beauty!" I yelled. But she ran out. Her friend, I think she was her friend, ran out to. Before she ran out, she stopped, looked at us, and yelled: "Are you proud of yourself, Mr. Horan!" she yelled. My face grew green. I couldn't stop myself, so I threw up on some of the girls, who had yelled those ugly words at her. I ran out to.

Gaby POV:

Why the fuck didn't he do anything? Maybe he just didn't care. A selffish guy! Pretending to love and care.  But only cared about him self, and his money. The tears fall down. I heard Ashley yell. She came out, and I gave her a big hug. "That was good words!" I said. "If you don't want to meet them, it's okay!" she said. "Well, we can meet them, but I'm not going to hug Niall!" I said. Wait. I love this guy? But I don't know him. I saw a blond guy run out the concert hall. "I'm so sorry!" he yelled. Ashley looked at me, and walked away. "Where can I find Harry?" she asked. "Ask Paul!" he said. Ashley went inside. "Beauty, it wasn't my mean!" he said and gave me a hug. I wanted to hit him, but hes hug felt so nice. "Why didn't you do something Niall?" I asked. "It happend so fast!" he said. "What's your name?" he whispered and kissed me on the cheek. "Gabrielle, but call me Gaby!" I said. We hugged for a few minutes. I couldn't let him go.

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