You can have me

When Gaby, who fangirls One Direction, finally meet her boys she gets schocked. They are all so kind. But she are going to hurt some of their feelings. That's not a good start. Especially not when it's the boys you love the most..

Hey guys! Yeah! I've made a trailer! Sorry, but the quality isn't very good, and I couldn't find my original Moments song. I lost it on my phone..


1. Chapter 1

Gaby POV:

Yes! Finally One Direction are going to Manchester again, and this time I want the tickets! I mean, I need them. I asked my mom yesterday, if I could get any VIP tickets, and she told me that I could. I looked at my watch. There was 2 minutes till the ticket sale started. I was so excited. 1 minute to go. I was alone in my house, so I almost shouted to the 'countdown'. "5.. 4... 3.. 2.. 1..." I clicked 'Buy VIP' and I came in. I screamed so loud that I lost my voice a bit. Does that even matter?? I just bought 2 VIP tickets to One Direction concert. My friend and I, were going to met the hottst boy band ever!! My phone started ringing. I knew that it was my friend. "Hey, it's Gabrielle?" I said. "Hey Gabyy, did u get tickets?" she asked. "Hey Ashley, I got tickets. You know! VIP tickets, on front row!" I shouted. "2 seconds!" she whispered. I heard a scream. "I'm back now," she laughed. "Are you ready to 1D concert?" I asked. "I'm born ready, dude!" she said.

Liam POV:

The tickets are now on sale in Manchester. I checked how many tickets they sold, so far. "Omg" I said. "Something wrong?" Louis asked me. "They already sold ALL tickets in Manchester." I said with open mouth."Dude, we're popular" said Louis and slapped me on the shoulder. Oh god, I love that guy. And of course I love my other lads. "I'm so excited for Manchester dude!" I said to Louis. "Can you check the VIP list to the concert? I wanna see which babes we're gonna meet!" Louis beg. "Ewww Louis, that's disgusting!" I said, trying to be serious, but then Louis showed me a face, and I began to laugh. I checked the list. They all looked so.. Make uped! But then I found this girl, she seemed nice. "I'm excited to meet this girl!" I told Louis. Louis slapped me and said: "Wow, slow down. You haven't even met her yet! And that picture of her, could be fake!" I laughed. "Louis your idiot!" I said. Louis looked at me, and I knew that, I only had a few seconds to run.

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