What Awaits in the Shadows

Andrea, Amber, Millie, Jace and Nick have been using their powers, the elements, for good for as long as they had control of them. They fought against things that go bump in the night and were trained to handle themselves, but what if there was something in the shadows that they didn't know about and can't defeat it? What if their own shadows turned against them and were being used like puppets?


2. Leaving


"What did they do," Was all I kept thinking, as I watched Amber, Jace, Andrea, Nick and Milie open the locker, which is not really a locker at all, it's a burial chamber. Where they put all the shadow people that prowled Earth a long time ago, a powerful witch put them in there, I thought only a powerful witch could get them out, I guess I was wrong. I tried to stop them, but I was too late, hopefully they won't get their memory back of that night, I will do this by myself.

I was pacing around in my room, in the old boarding house, that used to belong to my family awhile back. There was a chandiler that had the most expensive, designs on it, grand, wooded stairs, that had a balcony, that over looked the living room, with all it's old structure and old, magnificent antiquic's hidden through out the house.

"There has to be a solution," I muttered to myself. They some how opened it, but how do we get them all back inside and keep them in there? I mentally kicked myself, I am the shadow king's son, I should know how to do this, right? The only reason I wasn't put in there is because I'm only half shadow and not evil.

I could mentally here the light bulb in my head turn on, as I got my first action set in my plan. I am going to the only place I might possibibly find answers, to help with this matter, the oldest, sacred burial site.

 Mystery Fall's, in Maryland, 4 hours from where we live, here in Maine.

I grabbed only essensials, put on my good shoes, and dissolved into the shadow's, heading to Mystery Fall's.

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