What Awaits in the Shadows

Andrea, Amber, Millie, Jace and Nick have been using their powers, the elements, for good for as long as they had control of them. They fought against things that go bump in the night and were trained to handle themselves, but what if there was something in the shadows that they didn't know about and can't defeat it? What if their own shadows turned against them and were being used like puppets?


3. Changes

Shadow Puppets 

-Chapter 3~ 

I felt the warmth of the sun hit my cheek as the rising sun moved throughout the hour moving from my cheeks to my eyes. I snapped my eyes opens as I quickly stood up in my bed and looked around. I was in my room the purple and red walls a few shades darker than usually since, barely any sunlight was falling into my room. My body felt sore and bruised as I tried to get up from my bed and actually make an effort to get ready. What had happened yesterday? I was pretty sure I can't remember coming home, so how did I get home?

I haul myself into the semi-large bathroom was connected to my room. I stare at my reflection, the girl in the mirror looked nothing like me. She had bags under eyes as though I hadn't sleep for weeks. My hair was a huge blob with knots and tangles everywhere. I still wore the clothes from yesterday my purple v-neck slightly wrinkled from my sleep. I stare at myself in the mirror for a good five minutes before deciding that I was going to actually do something about how horrible I look. I go back in my room and grab a simple pair of skinny jeans, a random top, a random bra and pair of panties.

I walk back into the bathroom and try to avoid my reflection in the mirror. My eyes seemed to hold so many questions which were currently running through my mind. The last thing I could remember was trying to talk Andrea, Jace, Millie, and Nick to come with to go and open "the locker". After that my mind seemed to go completely blank, as though something wiped my memory after that point. I slip out of my clothes and turn on the water waiting for it get to the perfect temperature. After a few seconds of waiting it gets there and I walk into the my large shower. I let the warm water try to wash dirt and grime that I felt on my skin as I allowed the warmth of the water calm my nerves. My mind starts to slip back into yesterday and what may have happened. I concentrate my thoughts and slowly my thoughts seemed to clear. I concertante all my power and energy on remembering yesterday, soon the water turned warmer and warmer. I dismissed it as the fact the hot water was barely starting to kick in now. Soon the water become so unbearable that I shrieked and jumped out of shower with my skin still slightly throbbing from the heat of the water. 

"What the hell!" I said going back into the shower and sticking my hand back into the water. I wearily place my hand in the water and soon my entire hand was in the now almost twenty degrees cooler water. 

"What the hell?" I ask to no one in particular as I step back into the shower and finish taking my very much needed shower. I finally step out of the shower and decide to change my outfit since it was just a little too hot at the moment. I exchange the skinny jeans for a pair of high waisted shorts that I paired with leggings. Instead of the purple v neck I was going to wear I grab a crop top and slip that on. I walk down the stairs to my empty house and walk into the kitchen where I instantly went to the coffee machine. As I walk towards the cupboard I stub my toe against the chair near the island. 

"STUPID CHAIR! I hope you die and go to hell!" I scream at it making me slightly question my sanity. I decide that coffee would probably wake me up enough to be able to actually function, but instead of finding a warm pot I find a ice cold pot. I groan and glare intensely at the pot and soon small puffs of smoke start floating up from the pot. I instantly touch the side of it before yanking my hand in pain. Okay what the fuck was going on? First the shower and now the coffee pot! I decide against the coffee and grab a glass of innocent orange juice.I decide to go out a for a little bit, and get some fresh air. 

"Maybe this will calm all these hallucinations down."

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