What Awaits in the Shadows

Andrea, Amber, Millie, Jace and Nick have been using their powers, the elements, for good for as long as they had control of them. They fought against things that go bump in the night and were trained to handle themselves, but what if there was something in the shadows that they didn't know about and can't defeat it? What if their own shadows turned against them and were being used like puppets?


1. The beginning


"Where am I? Did I fall asleep in class again?" I looked around, I was in a dark room. I couldn't see the walls at all. I tried to move but I was stuck, like I was in glue.

"Hahahaha" I looked around frantically for whoever laughed. It left me with chills traveling down my spine. When I found what I thought i was looking for, I couldn't believe my eyes. I saw a sleek, black cloud which hurt to look at, like somebody sharpened the percision on a camera until it got to the point you couldn't look at it anymore. His color was deeper than the void itself.Even though it was standing in a black room, he was still vivid.

"Amber, Amber, wake up." The voice was faraway, I think I knew who it belonged to but, I couldn't decipher who's voice it was. The room was fading out to gray, I didn't want it to. What was that?

"What!? What happened?"

"You fell alseep in class again, you should be glad I woke you up before the teacher noticed," Nick scolded. He was one of part of my miniscule group of friend. He was about "5 ft. 8 in.",had light green eyes with long, chest nut colored hair. He has freckles on his cheeks, he's moody plenty of the time and is really reserved with who he talks to. His element is fire, no wonder he gets all fired up all the time. He is also the most wary person i've ever met.

" Sorry, I keep having weird dreams and feelings about the locker next to mine."

" Oh my Amber, Not this again. I told you nothing was in that locker. Your just paranoid."

"Maybe, but anyways I feel like I haven't had enough sleep lately."

"Take a nap when you get home," Nick suggested.

"Na, I have too much to catch up on."

"Here's my notes, you should really stop sleeping, if the teacher catches you one more time you'll get sent to the office," Nick nagged.

"Ok mom, thanks for the notes."

"Hardy har har, funny, atleast were seniors this year."


"Thank god, I hate this class!" Andrea babbled. She was magnificent with her back-length, straight blonde hair, with blue dyed tips on the ends. She had light, blue eyes that turned dark when she was in a cloudy mood. Her element is water.

"It's not that bad, If you just pay attention in class, it wouldn't be that hard," Nick stated.

"Oh, will you guys stop bickering, this is like the umpteenth time today,"Jace bantered. He was handsome with his short, blond hair, green eyes and 6 ft frame. His body was semi-muscular and semi slender, which looked good when he were polos. Today he wore a navy, blue polo shirt with regular jeans, this look fit him because he joked around a lot. It gave him a sort of funny quality about him. His element is earth.

"Amber, you done wiping your drool, now," Jace joked, "I could here you snoring from all the way across the room."

"Yes, I was not drooling for your imformation, nor do I snore." I got up and my everyone else followed me out of the white, brick walled, triangular classroom.

"Hey guys," Millie, my first and closest friend, chirped. She was the complete opposite of me. She had long, straight, strawberry-blonde hair, while I have natural black( yes natural), curly, sleek, ringlets of long hair. I have grey-brownish eyes that have a light glow and sheen to it, Millie had dark, royal-blue eyes that glistened all the time. We have some things in common though, we both have freckles, hers are red, mine are brownish-blackish. We both had high cheek-bones, thin akward-shaped eyebrows, long eye lashes, with full plump lips and we had curvy bodies. She wore a emerald blazer with cute matching skinny jeans and brown, plush boots I wore a short-sleeved, dark, blue v-neck, skinny jeans and black, fuzzy boots. Millie's element is wind. I have all the elements, wind, fire, earth, water and light.

"Hey Millie,"everyone replied. I pulled her in for a big, long, group hug.

"What did I miss?" Millie asked while we walked through Hawkwood high-schools blue and white walls, all the way down the multi-colored lockers, shuffled through the galore students and down to the 2 floor. Nick's, Millie's and Jace's locker were all on this blue walled, semi-desolated hall. Andrea's locker is on the 3 floor, mine is in the basement. Hurray, not. Andrea puts her stuff mostly in Millie's locker, I hold all my stuff in my floral-printed bag. I don't care what anyone says, something is seriously wrong with that locker.

"Nothing much, just Amber sleeping in class again, also being paranoid about the locker next to hers and lastly, but the most obvious one is, Nick and Andrea got in another argument." Jace replied.

"We don't argue that much," Andrea and Nick replied in sync. Both their gazes locked, they quickly looked away though, almost as if they were ashamed of something, but by what? Is that Andrea blushing, yes, she is!?! Why would she blush, why try to hide it?

"Anyways, What's up with you and that locker, Amber?" Millie wondered aloud.

Well, I guess Andrea blushing will have to wait. "I just get a weird vibe from it, that's all." I don't really know how to explain it but, it's like I feel that their's something inside that locker, something powerful, maybe dark too. Weird.

"If you guys are done here, I would like to go out to the pub tonight, please," Andrea begged.

"Yeah, I haven't shown off my sexy moves since last week." Jace declared.

"Yeah, You know I love your moves," Millie remarked. Jace walked up to millie and put his lips on hers, while his hands roamed her body.

"Woah, get a room you two, lovebirds," I suggested while cackling with laughter. I was always so jealous how they were dating, they were best-friends,boyfriend and girlfriend. Nothing could tear them apart, like Bonney and Clyde.

"Now, that's an amazing idea," Jace insisted.

"Let's do that some other time, maybe when were not in school anymore," Andrea said with a smile, Right now let's go partying at the pub."

We stepped out into crisp, cold, clear day.

"Andrea, I can't believe you're still wearing shorts and tank, whenit's this cold out, you always dress like it's suummer weather,"Millie noticed.

"Hey, this is my style, beside's it shows off my long legs."

"And they are some fine legs ,indead." Jace said.

We trotted to our car, in a hurry to get out of the chilly air. The soles of our shoes crunched on the school parking lot's gravel. We walked in silence, occaionally one of up pipping up to talk, on the edge of the parking lot, along the woods, following our usual lonely, winding route. I listened to the crickets and birds chirping, trying to hear them over the constant echo of the wind screeching, the blowing and crunching of leaves. I loved the way fall looked, all the moss-draped, live oaks leaves changing colors. Nick's car finally came into veiw. He had a sport's car, enough to fit all of us in it. We all ride in his car because it's obviously the nicest car out of all of us.

"Finally, pub here we come!" Andrea shouted.



We walked into the hot, sweaty and stuffy pub, Millie and Jace imediently went to the dance floor. The dance floor was in the center of the room, the bar was on the left with the stage at the back.

Nick, Andrea and I, all went to the bar. The pub is for people 18 and over. Nick and I are the only ones that haven't had our 18 birthday, but we know the guy who owns this, so we can get in. The guys Jace's cousin, that's how we know him.

"Hey, Matt." We greeted the owner and bartender. "Can we have 3 beers?" Nick asked.

"Yep, but you mind that I'm keeping track of how many you have, only 2, I can't get caught sneeking you guys beers, when under age."

"Yep, thank you, we know."

"Would you care to dance with me?" I turned around to see the sexiest man I have ever seen. He was slightly less than a foot taller than me. Had the darkest eyes I have ever seen that shone like the sun, high cheek-bones, full lips, longish, black hair, no freckles and wore a black button-down shirt, jeans that fit him really well and he had the most charismatic voice I have ever heard. I could sume him up into one sentence, tall, dark, handsome and mysteries.

"Y-yes," I stuttered. He took my breath away. When he touched me it felt like electricity flew straight threw me, it made me feel more alive. He lead me away from the bar, where I mumbled a goodbye to Andrea and Nick. When he was down leading me away, it looked like he took us exactly center stage of the dance floor. It looked as if a giant spotlight was standing over us, it seemed as if everyone stopped and gazed at only us. Maybe that was just me.

I thought he couldn't get anymore sexier, boy was I wrong. When he started dancing, I couldn't help but feel like the luckiest person in the world. He swept me off my feet, literally and figurativly.

"What's your name," he asked. That voice, was soothing, husky and delicous all in one package.

"A-Amber, what's yours?" I replied.

"Tyler. Are you from around here?"

"Yes I've lived here all my life, are you from around here? I'd think I remember you." Ahh, crap, I can't believe I just said that! The reaction I got was a laugh and a very charming, relaxed smile plastered on his beautiful face.

"Acually, I lived here all my life, untill I turned 18 and moved away. I'm 23, by the way." He's not that much older than me." I don't know if you noticed but, you are very beautiful."

"I- T- Thank you," I sputtered. I think this is the first guy who told me that. I've never really ever gone out with anyone.

"What are you doing in a small place like here, in Ravenwood Falls?" He asked. I barely heard it, i'm still breathing hard from when he called me beautiful. Being this close to him is intoxacating. It should be a law that no one should be able to get within 50 ft of him, I wondered why no body was as glued to him as much as I was.

"I could ask you the same thing, but I am here because I don't really have family anywhere else but more importanly I don't have the money. Who would I take with me anyways? I doubt I could take all my friends all of a sudden, beside the only company I'd have would be my pet dog, wolfie, he's not that fun to talk to because he won't talk back." He chuckled a gorgeous laugh. It made me feel light and fluffy inside.

"You have a nice sense of humor, I like it."

"Thanks, I- uhh,"Someone flew at me from behind, and threw me at Tyler, hard, he caught me and seemed unfazed by my impact I just put on him from falling.

"Excuse me but, you seem like a much to pretty lady to be dancing around this guy." I looked up and saw how close Tyler and I were, it made me blush badly. I tore my gaze away from Tyler, against my will, I craned my neck to look at who was addressing me. He was very handsome, had short, bleach-blonde hair, brown eyes and the perfect face, too perfect accually.

"Umm, who are you to be telling me who I should dance with and who I shouldn't?" I asked him.

"Well, let's just say, I've known him for a while, he's not the best person to hang around. By the way my name is Will." He implied.

"Well, thank you for the gesture but I can handle myself, thank you."

"Just be carefull with who you hang around with." He said.

"I will thank you."

He turned his beady eyes and cold, stoned glare at Tyler and said,"You b-,"

"Uhh, sorry Amber but I would like to talk to my friend, it was lovely meeting you." With that he kissed my hand, which sent fire up my arm and into my body. It felt amazing.

"Yeah, it was lovely meeting you," Will copied what Tyler did and bent down, took my hand in his and put a gentle kiss on it. It was alternativly a different kiss than the one Tyler gave me. This one gave me shivers.They both walked away before I could say anything, to either one of them. I lost them to the sea of people in the crowd.

"What was that about?" Andrea shouted to be heard aboove the crowd. She came up from behind me with Nick by her side, real close by her side.

"I wish I knew," I replied, "Lets leave."

"Ok," They agreed," Let's go find Millie and Jace. We walked around the dance floor untill we reached a corner of it, that's when we saw Millie and Jace doing a grinding/slow dance kinda thing.

"Come on, break it up you to," Nick commanded.

"Ahh, come on, who was the party-pooper this time?" Jace complained.

"That would be me, I have homework-"

"And she met a guy, who left for some unknown reason because she won't tell us." Andrea declared.

"Ohhh, Tell u

s, please!" Millie begged.

"Later, let's go," I commanded. We woove are way through the the crowd to the exit. When we got outside it was already a dark, chilli and fridget night. The wind picked up speed from when we first got here. The birds stopped singing, there was an occaional splash of water from the pond nearby. We came up on Nick;s car and hopped in.


I finished all my homework, I hopped in bed and quickly fell into a deep sleep.


I was at the school, roaming the halls, looking for something that my feet knew about but my mind didn't. I walked all the way down to the bottem floor then went into the basement. The basements walls were a ghastly shade of green, it had malodorous dumpsters with smaller ones to go with it. I went straight passed it to the back of the basement, where my locker was located and so was the creepy locker. I went up to the locker code, lift one finger up and it opened. All I saw before I woke up was thick, black mist, that I know I've seen before, but I couldn't put my finger on it. It started attacking me, I started screaming and i awoke.

I was awake, panting, fast, shallow breaths, Sweating all over. I couldn't get the feeling away, of them touching me, attacking me, pulling me apart. I picked up the  phone and dialed Millie's, Jace's, Andrea and Nick's numbers. They didn't pick up on the first call but they did on the second.

"Uhh, what do you want." Everyone mumbled something similar to that.

"Guys I had a dream about the locker, something's in it, I know it." I replied warily.

"Ugh, why won'y you let this go." Jace whined.

" It's not right, I know it."

"If it makes it better, we can go down there and chack it out for ourselves," Nick said.

"I don't know if that's a good idea,"

"We're going to settle this once and for all, everyone meet up at the school," commanded Andrea.


"This better be good, we are technically breaking and entering, you know that, right?" Jace stated the obvious.

"Yes, we know that, But we can just use our power's to cloak us." Nick said.

"Ok lets hurry up," I said.

We swiftly walked through the school, all the way to the basement, just like in my dream we passed the smelly dumpster, and we stood right in front of the locker.

"Acually guys, I kinda got a bad feeling about this too." Millie said.

"Ahh yeah, does anyone else ghave ths weird feeling?" Andrea asked.

"Yes," Everyone replied.

"Well, we have to see what's in this once an for all." Nick implied.

Everyone holds out there hands, closes their eyes and concentrates on using water, fire, air, earth and light to open the door. It didn't budge, at first. Then it opened a little bit. Then it opened all the way. Opening the locker was probably the biggest mistake of my life. Everything in my dream comes true, including all the shadows.

They flew out and around us, touching us, pulling and tugging on us, Every time it touched me it felt like a bomb blew up inside, splattering me all over the walls, if that was possible. Before it could do anything else, I heard Tyler shout something,-what is he doing here?- I think it made them all scatter but I am not very sure, I remember seeing too much black and falling, into and endless pit of despair.

What did we just do?








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