A Troubled Mind

You are missing from my heart where have you wandered. I write from a troubled mind.


1. A Troubled Mind

You are missing from my heart

Where have you wandered my Darling

I write from a troubled mind

I have searched the stormy sands

Looked in the floors  of the ocean deep

Looked at the mountains high

I can no longer search

Your handsome being I cannot find

How can I leave my worries behind

When I write with a troubled mind

I worry and cry missing you

Where is my love so true


Bring yourself back soon

So I don't have a troubled mind

I cannot eat or sleep

When all I do is think of you

Your in my heart to stay

My sweet come to me

My mind is troubled

When I can't find

My true love

I have searched and can't find

My heart is lonely

Without you

My mind is troubled and worried

I have a troubled mind

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