Never Turn Around

You know that feeling when you KNOW someone is behind you. You wamt to see who it is. NEVER TURN AROUND!!


2. Still there, waiting

Someone was still watching me. I felt the eyes glaring at my head. I cant stand this. I turn my eyes, not my head, so I can look at the floor. There is a pool of blood on the floor and in the middle of the pool of blood is a tattered pair of 5 year old shoes. I turn my head. I just couldn't help it. The girl had no eyes, blood dripping from the sockets. She looked liked a victorian 5 year old. The girl screamed. I turned back at the computer screen and hopefully looked at my watch. 20 MINUTES!! I cant wait twenty minutes knowing there's a dead little girl behind me watching my every move. My mobile is ringing. I answered it and the voice on the other end said,

"you looked. WHY DID YOU LOOK??" Never turn around"he said

" do you kow number?? How do know I looked?? What will happen now I h....h.h.h.h.ave looked??"I answered scared now.

"You will discover what fate lyes upon you"

"okay"I said to myself, "now I believe in ghosts." Tried to call my mum but strangly, no signal.

I still have that "someone is watching you" feeling. I know the little girl is watching me. I dare not turn around. I cant bear to face the little girl again. "OK," I thought "only 10 minutes until the babysitter so I will just look at videos until then". 

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