Never Turn Around

You know that feeling when you KNOW someone is behind you. You wamt to see who it is. NEVER TURN AROUND!!


3. Sticky end

I just cant. I cant stand it. I cant stand knowing there's a dead little girl watching my every move. I know she's still there. I see the blood in the corner of my eye. The babysitter's only 5 minutes away now. 


FINALLY!!! the babysitter!! I get up to open the door. I forgot all about the little girl. As I turn to go out the door she starts to scream. I ran out of my room, trailing through the blood. On the wall across the stairs the words "why did you turn" in bright red blood. I blot all of this out of my mind as I open the door to let the babysitter in. I open the door and to my surprise there stood the little girl with no eyes, blood dripping form the sockets. She screamed and I found myself glaring at a child's back. I have no eyes, and I'm standing in a pool of blood. 


Never turn around........I'll be waiting......

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