Never Turn Around

You know that feeling when you KNOW someone is behind you. You wamt to see who it is. NEVER TURN AROUND!!


1. Who is there?

All alone in the house. I dont believe in Ghosts and gouls. It's just stupid. Anyway, I was on my computer watching you tube. My parents were on a stupid date (they aren't married yet). They never think about me. In fact, before they left when they came to say bye, they forgot that I would be all alone in the house till late (im only 11). They had to ring up a babysitter last minute and she wont be here for another half an hour so here I am all alone in the house.

I had just finished watching this REALLY funny video when I got the feeling. The creepy feeling that someone was watching me. I assumed the baby sitter was early and just carried on watching videos. I was about to start another video when I got the feeling again. It was stronger this time and i knew that someone was there. I was about to see what/who is was when my mobile rang. It wasn't anyone I knew but I answered it anyway. The voice on the other end said

"dont look behind you"

"why, how do know I was about to look behind" I said trembling, wanting to know who was behind me and who was calling me.

"......just dont. Never turn around" then he hung up. The feeling's still there.


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