Rich Girl

You know what rich girls are like; snobby, horrible and thinks they are better than everyone else? Yeah well Chelsea is your typical rich girl. But see what happens when she starts to get a taste of her own medicine!


9. You're dumping me?

*three months later*
Chelsea's POV
*knock knock*

I climb out from on too of my bed and stroll down the stairs to the front door. I sigh as I open the door.
"Niall? Hey! You Havn't been round here in a while, in fact I don't see you much at school any more. Are you sure things are working between us?"
"That's what I came round about actually."
Tears stung my eyes.
"Don't cry Chelsea, you just said yourself is it working, but can we go up to your room to talk?"
I nod, leading him upstairs.
"So you're breaking up with me?" I sob.
"Well you're being a bit harsh to some people in school and there's no need for it."
"So you're breaking up with me because of that?"
"We'll not just because of that, but it's to do with that, someones you go a bit too far and you can hurt my feelings sometimes too. People do nothing wrong to you, you just hate them for no reason."
"But I tried being nice with what's their faces."
"Yes, but you don't always go all the way , yo gove up easily."
"Fine Niall, just say if, 'you're dumped' go on say it."
"Chelsea you're making this harder than it is."
"Sorry Niall. I just don't understand. Look lets just leave this for now, just kind of see where it goes from here okay?"
"Okay, fine. Bye niall."
I sigh as he lets himself out. Single. Never thought that would happen any time soon.
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