Rich Girl

You know what rich girls are like; snobby, horrible and thinks they are better than everyone else? Yeah well Chelsea is your typical rich girl. But see what happens when she starts to get a taste of her own medicine!


11. YES

Eimer's POV

Us four girls hurry on into form to see everyone chatting.
"What's the gossip?"' I ask eager to find out.
"Niall dumped Chelsea," this girl called Patricia says.
My mouth hangs open and I turn towards Paige, Emma and Maria.
"What?" Paige gasps.
My thoughts exactly.
"Apparently he thinks she's too mean to people and sometimes to him."
"OMG poor Niall," I say.

Then the witch herself walked in and we all instantly stop talking.
"That's right, stop talking and stare at moi," she batts her eye lashes.
But instead everyone gives her dirty looks.

Niall walks in and walks past Chelsea and go the firls.
"Girls, could you possibly talk to Chelsea at some point today to let her know just what she doesn't to people to hit then, she doesn't understand when I tell her."
"Sure thing Niall," Paige smiles.
"And Eimer, Liam wants to talk to yo at break," he turns to me.
"Really? Okay thanks."
Once he walks away I face the firls.
"OMG, what do you thin he wants."
"To ask you out of course, duh!"
I can't stop smiling hoping that's the case.


I make my way out of second period and walk around searching for Liam.
"Eimer?" I hear his voice call from behind me.
I spin round and smile when I see him.
"You needed to talk to me?" I ask.
"Yeah, Erm you see there's this girl I fancy and I want go get some advice."
My smile disappears.
"Erm sure, who is it."
"We'll I can't say, but he has brown eyes and dark long hair, she's beautiful and so funny and down to earth."
"And what do you want to know? I might not be able to help you if I don't know who it is."
"Okay, it's you, okay!"
"Really? No really who is it."
"It is you Eimer really. I love you okay, will you be my girl fiend?"
"Liam, YES!"
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