Rich Girl

You know what rich girls are like; snobby, horrible and thinks they are better than everyone else? Yeah well Chelsea is your typical rich girl. But see what happens when she starts to get a taste of her own medicine!


4. How It All Started

Eimer's POV

Who does she think she is, walking out of the classroom like that? You see, if I done that, then I would get sent to the head teacher once someone found me. For all I know, she could get sent there too but I doubt it; everyone loves her. Well apart from me Paige, Emma and Maria.

Emma's POV

I think it's only us four who hate Chelsea. Actually i have always said hate is a very strong word. lets change it to dislike! Want to how it all started?
Well here's the story!
(In year seven)
"Emma I'm working with you!" My best friend Paige said as the teacher told us to get into pairs for this particular task. Eimer worked with Maria.
"But Emma, I want to work with you," Chelsea begs.
"No Chelsea, I'm working with her!" Paige says.
"Emma, I have money. I can bribe you!"
"Well that won't work on me. You're pathetic to think giving me money will make me want to work with you."
"Fine. I'm no longer your friend!"
We're in year seven and she's acting like a little kid like six years old.
(The next day)
"Hey Emma!" Chelsea says strolling up to me.
"I thought you were no longer my friend?"
"Oh I'm over that! I want to be your friend again."
She links her arm through mine and she trips Eimer up as she walk past her.
"She's such a freak!" Chelsea laughs.
"That's my friend!" I say shocked.
"What! How can you be friends with her?"
"Look Chelsea, I don't think I can be friends with you. You keep being mean to my friends and I can't live with that. I'm sorry!"
I turn to walk away.
"I never liked you anyway!" She shouts after me.

So that's the story. She started off being mean to my friends so I left her. We weren't particularly that close anyway.

*end of the school day*

Maria's POV

Me Emma Eimer and Paige all link arms ready to head home together. We all live relatively near each other anyway so we always have a good long gossip as we walk.
"So anyone got any great news to share?" Paige says excitedly.
"I Havn't," Emma looks really dissapointed.
"Oh I do!" Eimer pipes up.
She's a proper gossiper.
"Well I saw Harry talking to Liam by their lockers at break so I casually swept past and caught some of their conversation."
"Ooh, what were they saying?"
"Well... Harry said 'so who is she?' And Liam was like 'well she has dark hair and brown eyes but that's all I'm saying. You will have to' then he kind of stopped mid sentence for some reason."
"Maybe he saw you walk past and OMG it's you Eimer! You have dark hair and brown eyes! It's got to be you plus if he stopped talking when he noticed you, he didn't want you to know..." Emma was so excited.
"Do you think so?"
"No Eimer, we don't. Of course we do girl!" I giggle.
"Wow and what's better is you love him too right?"
"Come on guys, you know I do!"

Eimer's POV

What if its true? What if it is me? It could have been a coincidence that he stopped as I walked past and that I have the same eye and hair colour as the girl he was talking about. I won't believe until he admits it. But how will I know?
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