Rich Girl

You know what rich girls are like; snobby, horrible and thinks they are better than everyone else? Yeah well Chelsea is your typical rich girl. But see what happens when she starts to get a taste of her own medicine!


13. Change is good

Eimer's POV

Me and Liam have been a couple for a couple of days now and things have been going smoothly.
We still have to talk to Chelsea, and were inviting her over go Emma's tonight for a chat.
Me and Liam are walking hand in hand through the corridors when we bump into her.
"Hey Chelsea."
"Erm, what do you want!"
"For you to come over to Emma's after school?"
"And why would I want to do that?"
"Chelsea. Just do it," Liam orders knowing why she had to go.
"Fine," she huffs. "Meet you outside the gates."

*after school*

"Lets get what ever this over with then, what do you want?" Chelsea asks as we approach her.
"Wait until we get to Emma's."
On the way there chelsea just ignores us walking on a head as we whisper to each other.
"Is this a good idea?"
"Course, we need to get her to realise what she's doing."

Emma lets us in and we head upstairs to her room.
"Chelsea, when Niall tried to tell you about things he said you don't understand..." I begin.
"Not this again."
"Please listen to us."
She sits back and folds her arms. As if to say go on.
"We'll, when you randomly started ignoring us and hating us back in year seven we were confused but then soon got used to it, but we still don't understand why you don't talk to us. The other day when you tried to smile and be friendly, you ten stopped later that day and didntake much effor, if you're making friends you need to make effort and things. But we don't understand to sometimes, you think you can just wrap people round your little finger because you're rich. You don't have to be, just be who yo want to be," I feel proud for saying all this.
"I guess you're write, I just got tied up in all this rich money stuff and thought it would be great to show it all off, in sorry."
"We just wanted to let you know about that okay?"
"I understand now, maybe I should change?"
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