Rich Girl

You know what rich girls are like; snobby, horrible and thinks they are better than everyone else? Yeah well Chelsea is your typical rich girl. But see what happens when she starts to get a taste of her own medicine!


8. Caught red handed

Emma's POV

"Morning guys," I yawn as I meet the others at our meeting spot before school.
"Heyy," Eimer cheers.
"You all look eager this morning," I laugh.
"We have some news."
"Liam asked you out?" I turn to Eimer.
"I wish," she looks dissapointed.
"No, lets talk and walk," Paige says.
"So yesterday, Chelsea started smiling at us and acting sort of friendly with us," Maria starts off.
"Then she sent messages to me online asking why we weren't friendly back, blah blah blah," Paige continues.
"Then she suddenly gives up and goes back to her normal self," Eimer finished.
"Okay, and what was the point in all that? She could have at least put more of an effort in," I point out.
"Exactly, I want to see what she will do today."
"Yeah, she has to learn to suck it up a little, be nice to people, just cos she's rich doesn't mean she can run the world and have us wrapped around her little finger."

*at school*

Back to the usual evils. I shoot her them back, then burst out laughing.

"Do you have a problem," she asks, standing up out of her seat.
"Yeah, you!" Eimengiggles.
"Haha, so funny. You know I tried to be nice, but you just don't let me."
"Excuse me? You don't try hard enough."
"That's true Chelsea," Niall says hearing the convo.
"Niall, you're supposed to be on my side," she moans, having a mini strop.
He just walks off.
"See now you have my boyfriend on your side, my boyfriend," she shrieks.
"Chelsea, I've just about at enough with your silly behaviour," the teacher says walking in.
She huffs and sits back down.
"Toodle pip," Maria laughs as they all sit down for the register.

*bell rings*

Me and Maria link arms as we head off go English.
"Okay, she needs to calm down, seriously what is up with her," I say pointing to her still being all stroppy as she walks past us.
"Hey Chelsea, where you running off to! The toilets to go have another strop," Maria teases.
She turns round and sticks her middle finger up at us.
"CHELSEA! My office NOW," our head of year coincidently catches her.
Me and Maria laugh and high five as she barges past us again to follow the head of year.
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