Rich Girl

You know what rich girls are like; snobby, horrible and thinks they are better than everyone else? Yeah well Chelsea is your typical rich girl. But see what happens when she starts to get a taste of her own medicine!


14. Back together.

I've promised people I will change, but it may take a little time to get used to people. I smile to people in the hallways and say hi to them. I'm improving day by day and I'm now friends with Paige, Eimer Emma and Maria. Niall talks to me sometimes, and I really need to have a proper talk to him. In meeting him later in the cafe.
The day goes well and I manage to change people's minds about be and get talking to them a little.

*in the cafe*
I order a coffee while I wait for Niall. He arrives just as my drunk arrives.
"Erm Niall as you know I've changed and now understand how I hurt people, and I want thingslsnto be okay between us, okay! Things will be easier and I will get things right, I'm trying. I'm sorry for everything."
He takes my hand over the table as I sip my drink
"Apology accepted, I'm glad you can bring a new side out of you."
"Maybe in time, we can make things work between us," he winks.
"I do hope so niall. I'm sorry. I'm happy to he this new person now."
"Good, I'm happy for you Chelsea. There will always be a space in my heart for you."
"Same in mine Niall, same in mine."
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