my week in judges houses

elizabeth is a girl who's dream has come true. she is going to los angles for judges houses. can she make it through to the final


1. the flight

I am ready. This is my opatunity. finally I am going to the judges houses. today I leave. At the moment I am waiting with the other girls. We have found out we would be going to Los Angeles but who is are judge. We are going on a private jet.

On the private jet. writing a list of what I am going to do. here it is:

go to the beach

choose song

get through to live show

I live a rough life at home. I have to live with 3 brothers and 4 sisters. We have to live in a hotel. We share one room. If I won I would spend the money on a home for my family.

Here in our judges house were waiting to find out our judge. our judge is ..... Nicole sherzinger. Here is what she said

"now I need you to work your hardest. I can only take 3 of you through. you have one week to try and get through" 

I decided I would choose my songs early. I needed a song I knew. I decided to do my to favourite songs. call me maybe and payphone.

lets talk about room mates. We have been split in two. I am with Ella and Alice. We all shared stories.

Tonight we went to a special party. We had lots of fun. We played games. It was for x factor people. So sleepy write tomorow.


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