The Day I Met You (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

20 year old Taylor Cole is a homeless girl. She was left battered by her ex boyfriend and dumped in a adoption centre when she was a baby...
Taylor thinks she has really hit rock bottom when someone special meets her while busking....

Ps. My first fanfic.


11. Tears And A Treat.

Harry POV

My heart still ached, I layed in my bed. I need to have Taylor, but I can't. I stayed up last night, thinking of her, drinking alcohol in the bar. There were girls, sexy and pretty. They were all over me, I was kissed about ten times, with ten different girls, but no girl could compare to Taylor. I slapped my self, I got to get over her! 

Taylor POV

I had a shower and started packing my suitcase

"You alright?" Louis Said

"Yeah, just I hope Harry's alright, he was so sick the past few days." I mumbled.

"He'll be fine," Louis said hugging me. He called Liam and we all met up by the cafe, but all except Harry.

"This is a suprise, don't worry, I go and find him." Louis said, getting up.

Louis POV

I walked through the corridors and stairs to Harry's room.

"Harry?" I called out. After about 5 minutes, he opened the door.

"Harry?!" I said again. I pulled him up and hugged him tightly.

"I can't, Louis, I love her too much" He cried.

"I know, look I'll break up with her if you want" I said rubbing his back.

"No, don't. I'll back off, I promise" He said.

"Thanks, mate, now let's get you downstairs, were all waiting for you."

"OK, I'll meet you there." 

I went back to the cafe, "Harry's coming" I said.

"Is he OK?" Asked Niall.

"Yes, just tired."I said sitting down. Harry came down in 10 minutes, and ate lunch with us, without saying a word.

The lunch was good, we had bowls of rice, kung-po chicken, Tofu and vegetables and dumplings.

"Hey, what shall we do this evening, It's 'do what you want' day!" Said Niall.

"How about ice-skating?" Suggested Harry, breaking his silence.

"Cool, we'll all meet at the gates at 5pm?" Arranged Zayn.

"But what shall we do now?" I Asked

"Swimming in the lake?" Taylor Said.

"I'll get my swimsuit then!" Liam said, jumping up.

"Us too!" I said.

Taylor POV

I got changed then put a pair of shorts and a hoodie over it.

"Come on!" Louis yelled, he carried me bridal style to the lake.

"Louis put me down!" I screamed, laughing.

"Woops" He said, dropping me into the lake. All the boys cheered as he pulled me up and kissed me, even Harry.

"Have a drink" Niall said, passing me a cocktail.

"Thanks, mate" I said. For once, weren't pestered by the paparazzi. The sun was out, and everything was fine, for that moment.

"Should we go to ice rink now?" Asked Harry, drying his curls.

"Yeah, meet you guys here at the gate in 10" Zayn said. Me and Louis ran back to our room and dried off  and then got dressed, me in a pair of grey tracksuit, a loose white T-shirt and my new hoodie.

"Have you ever been ice-skating before, babes?" Louis asked, holding my hand.

"Nope" I smiled.

"Then I'll have to teach you" He grinned. Louis drove us there, and lead me through to the ice rink. We were given our skates, and Louis said, "Don't worry, I guide you through". He held my hand and pulled me along the ice. Soon I getting good at it.

"Look at her go!" Shouted Louis, as the boys cheered.

"Thanks" I said, all the  boys were on the rink now and performing tricks and showing off.

"Lets have a skate-off!" Yelled Niall to Liam.

"Fine!" Liam said doing a spin. Zayn, Louis, Harry and me laughed as Niall fell over screaming.

"Round One to me, I think" Liam said smiling and coming back to us.

"It's not over yet, Payne!" Shouted Niall, getting up.

"It's 8pm now, shall we go back?" Said Liam.

"Yeah, we gotta get a early night!" I said, taking my skates off.

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