The Day I Met You (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

20 year old Taylor Cole is a homeless girl. She was left battered by her ex boyfriend and dumped in a adoption centre when she was a baby...
Taylor thinks she has really hit rock bottom when someone special meets her while busking....

Ps. My first fanfic.


35. Snow

Taylor POV

I have a sudden urge to throw up in the morning, Louis comes by and ties my long hair back, then pulls me into a hug after. "Think what we'll have in nine months."

"When shall we announce it to the public?"

"Probably in a few weeks, you'll be hitting 3 months then."

"Fine." I say, as he kisses me gently. "I'm starting to show, aren't I?"

"Yeah, but you're still beautiful, babe."

It's been two weeks since we found out, so I'm 9 weeks. Harry hasn't called, or texted any of us, but none of us has really noticed.

"Ugh,-" I moan,  before running to the toilet to throw up again. "Oh shit."

"Don't worry, babe." Louis says, gently stroking my stomach.

"Have you thought of any names yet?"


I stare out of the window, little kids were playing with the freshly fallen snow. It reminds me of the time with Aaron.

"Shall we go for a walk?"

"Sure, I'll just get my coat."

The cold air was a breath a fresh air after being in a stuffy heated room.

"I wonder if we'll have time to visit China again, you know, to see those kids again."

"Yeah, I would like that as well."

Aaron POV

I'm in jail. Again. Not because of Taylor, because of Isla, my old childhood friend who 'I tried to rape' apparently. She told the police I did it several times, stupid bitch. I'll be stuck in jail for the next six months, and when I get out, I'll be stronger than ever.

Taylor POV

After the walk, Louis drops me off at the studio, we haven't got any shoots today, just to catch up with each other.

"Well, I've just been down to Australia with Mike, it's amazing there!" Gushes Molly.

"I went to Paris last week..." Says Grace.

"What about you Taylor?"

"I have a MASSIVE announcement, I'm just... Pregnant."

"Oh my god... Congratulations!"

"I know, right! Anyway, we haven't been anywhere for a holiday yet."

They carry on gushing about baby names and baby showers, then about themselves.

"What are we all doing for Christmas, then?"

"I, my friends, am going to New York in two weeks and staying there till after new year." Says Sophia.

"Oi! Stop showing off!" Grace shouts, playfully throwing a cushion at her.

"But seriously though, you're probably the luckiest out of all of us."

"What about me? I'll be leaving for Moscow tomorrow." Says the quiet but beautiful Russian girl named Suzanna.


After chatting, and then having lunch together, Claire gives us the date for our final shoot before Christmas. We write it down in our notebooks, and the Claire all gives us all our pay, then we walk out in to our cars, where the snow has gotten worse.

"Oh god, my hair!" Screams Grace, running to her car. The rest of us laughed, and so did she, while Sophia threw her a umbrella.

I drive into town, Louis and the boys were recording, I have nothing to do. I put on my sunglasses and headed out of my car to the town.

A/N Sorry for the short chapter and not updating for a while. I'll get more done in the weekends. Anyway, is anyone really excited to see Les Miserables? I know I am, because I want to see Samantha Barks as Eponine... ~Cazza






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