The Day I Met You (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

20 year old Taylor Cole is a homeless girl. She was left battered by her ex boyfriend and dumped in a adoption centre when she was a baby...
Taylor thinks she has really hit rock bottom when someone special meets her while busking....

Ps. My first fanfic.


17. Sadness.

Becca POV

I have a bump now. My flat stomach has a bump. I have a scan today to find out the father. The doctor puts gel on my stomach and start scanning. 

"Well, tests show that the father is Mr. Aaron Williams."

"OK," I say, leaving the doctors office. I take out my phone and call Louis.

"Louis, it's not yours" I say as soon as he picks up.

"THANK GOD!" He exclaims.

"It's 'Aaron Williams' child' "I say.

"Did you say Aaron... Williams...?" He chokes out

"Yes" I whisper.

Taylor POV

We have another catwalk today. I'm in a long houndstooth 60's dress  and crazy 60's hair. I finish my part on the catwalk, then grab myself a banana and start a twitcam.

"Hey guys" I say

"I've just finished Watsons' fashion show and I'm exhausted" I say.

"Shout out to Jess and Marty..." I say, reading off the screen. I read another post, saying 'your make-up girl looks fat.' with a photo of Becca. She doesn't look fat. She looks pregnant. I begin to answer questions and then stop the twitcam. All I can think of is Becca being pregnant. What if it's Louis?

"Louis, tell me the truth, is Becca pregnant?" I say, calling Louis.

"Where did you hear that?" He answers.

"All over the internet, she's the talk of the nation now."

"I 'll tell you the truth. It's not mine, it's Aaron's."

Aaron's. She was the girl that Aaron used to make me jealous. And now she gets her pregnant.  Now I notice, she has been dressing in baggy stuff recently. I almost feel sorry for her.

Becca POV

"Aaron, I'm pregnant" I say to him.

"Pregnant" He repeats and puts a hand over my stomach.

"Great," He says and asks "How many months along?"

"Five months" I whisper.

"Wow," He says.

"Bitch," He mutters, punching me in the face. "I never wanted a child". He kicks me to the ground and leaves me crying. I can't put on with this anymore. Seeing all these articles about 'the prostitute that is pregnant with a criminal and abuses her clients'.

Taylor POV

I need to go and find Becca. She's so down recently, I hope she doesn't do anything stupid. I ask Claire for where she lived and drove down there.

"Becca?" I call out into the empty house. I walk upstairs into a dark bedroom.

"Taylor?!" She says frightened.

"Are you OK?"

"No, look, I'm sorry about what happened the other day"

"I forgive you, Becca, now tell me what's wrong"

"My boyfriend, Aaron, doesn't want a child"

"Aaron, not Aaron Williams?" I say alarmed, she nods.

"Sweetheart, I know that guy and he's no good." I say.

"I know, that's why I'm leaving this life" She says getting up.

"What do you mean?"

"Commiting suicide." She says, opening up her window.

"No, you can't you're only young" I say following her. I look down through the window. Her house is twelve floors high.

She hugs me tightly and says "Thank you Taylor, for being my friend, tell Louis I'm very sorry and tell my family goodbye"

"Becca, you can't do this!" I say beginning to cry.

"I have to!" She says, wiping her tears away.

" Take this" She cries, handing me a diamond ring. "It was the only thing I had"

"Goodbye" She says firmly and then jumps.

I begin to scream and everything went black as I fell to the cold floor.

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