The Day I Met You (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

20 year old Taylor Cole is a homeless girl. She was left battered by her ex boyfriend and dumped in a adoption centre when she was a baby...
Taylor thinks she has really hit rock bottom when someone special meets her while busking....

Ps. My first fanfic.


19. Radio Interview And Aaron.

Taylor POV

"So we're here with four of the models from Watsons' Modelling Agency, Grace Miller, Sophia Rose, Ciara <Don't know the surname> and Taylor Cole." Says the presenter, "So how's things going on at the agency?" He asks.

"Very well. We have a fashion show coming up for the summer collection soon" Grace answers.

"And what do you think we'll expect from that?"

"Lots of bright colours, things that scream BUY ME!" I say. The presenter laughs and then continues saying "Do you think it will influence both genders?"

"Ofcourse, my boyfriend Alex loves the clothes" Sophia replies.

"Have you had fans come up to you in the streets yet?"

"Yes, mostly teenage girls" Ciara says.

"That's nice, what are your other talents, except modelling, asks Maya from Brighton" Says the presenter reading the twitter questions.

"Dance, at Watsons we usually do a dance show, envolving street dance or ballet etc..." I say.

The Interview lasts about fifteen minutes and then we leave, Ciara and Sophia go back to the studios and Grace goes back to find her boyfriend. Guess it's just me. I text Louis

-Hey, wanna come and hang out?-

-Sure, shall I invite the boys?-

-k, see you at the cafe- I walk to the cafe, which is  just below our flat. All the boys were there when I arrived and talking.

"Hi" Zayn says.

"Hey guys" I reply

"How did the interview go?" Asks Liam.

"Good, it was interesting..."

"So what is everyone doing this afternoon?" Asks Louis.

"I've got a shoot, for the new dance-wear" I moan.

"I have a date with Perrie..." Zayn says.

"And the rest of us have nothing..." Liam, Niall, Harry and Louis moan.

"Aww" I say.

"You can come to the shoot and meet fans" I suggest.

"I 'll tweet about it then" Says Harry getting out his phone.

-Meeting fans at Watsons Studios, you better be there!-

"Shall we set off?" I ask. We all cram into Louis car and he drives us there. We could see the fans around the gates, so the staff guided us to the back door.

Claire lead me into the dressing rooms and got me some of the dance-wear.

Louis POV

The fans were crowded around the doors.

"LOUIS, LOUIS! HERE'S A CARROT!"A young girl shouted throwing a carrot at me.

"Thanks!" I yell. Me and the boys sign posters and take photos with the fans, then go into the studios. The management tell the fans to go back, and they lead us to a big lighted studio.

Aaron POV

That was it, Becca was dead, now it was Taylors turn. I see that she and her boyfriend are at watsons studios, I slowly make my way out of the doors. I slip the back door, which was left unlocked. Looking at the dressing room doors,

21-Heather Jackson, 22-Fiona Michael, 23-Taylor Cole! I slowly push open the door and see that a leftover burger was left on the table. I pull out from my pocket a and inject a clear powder on it.

Taylor POV Sophia climbed on my back as we started the shoot.

"Lovely, now keep smiling girls!" Dave says. We only do one shoot, which will hopefully get published in a magazine.  I go back to my dressing room and start to get undressed and remove my make-up. I pick up my leftover burger and begin eating. Something just didn't taste right.

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