The Day I Met You (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

20 year old Taylor Cole is a homeless girl. She was left battered by her ex boyfriend and dumped in a adoption centre when she was a baby...
Taylor thinks she has really hit rock bottom when someone special meets her while busking....

Ps. My first fanfic.


27. Makeovers!

Taylor POV

Today, first on the agenda is getting makeovers. All of the models are going the whole hog, hair, nails, make-up and clothes.

First, half of the girls have their hair done. "I think that a sidewept brunette ponytail with a blonde highlight would work best for you" Helena the make-up artist says.

"Sure" I say, then she smiles and gets to work with my hair.

"There, all dry" She says, a while after applying  my blonde highlight.

"Thanks" I say. I begin to make my way to the clothes department.

"Ah, Taylor, I've prepared a pair of black shorts, black vans and a loose button up shirt for you, here go and try them on!" Says a stylist, handing me a outift. "Oh, here's a hoodie as well"

I quickly pull them on in a changing room and go back to the make-up rooms, where Helena has the make-up palettes set up. "Now, I think we should do a natural look for you, with light blue eyeshadow and light pink lipstick." I nod, then she gets to work with my make-up.  

"Hey, you look amazing" Says Grace as we wait in line for our before and after shots.

"Thanks, you do to!" I say, then stand up and pose for my shot. "Thank you girls, you can collect a one of our new collections at the gates, have a good evening!" Claire says happily of the microphone.

Laughing, we all stack our chairs, grab our coats and bags, then head out into the parking lot.

"Bye guys!" We shout across the dark  area filled by cars. "See you later!" I slowly scramble inside my car, then turn on the heating.

"Hey babe, when are you coming home?" Louis says as I answer my phone.

"I'm in the car, so ten minutes?"

"Cool, so how did your day go?"

"I got my hair dyed and styled, and make-up done, then we did a shot"

"OK, I'll see you at home" We hang up then I begin driving. I keep thinking about Aaron, why did he want to kidnap me? He's in jail now, for six months, then when he is let out, I don't know what will happen... 

A/N Sorry for the short chapter, getting writers block! I'll see if I can get a better chapter up next time! 

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