The Day I Met You (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

20 year old Taylor Cole is a homeless girl. She was left battered by her ex boyfriend and dumped in a adoption centre when she was a baby...
Taylor thinks she has really hit rock bottom when someone special meets her while busking....

Ps. My first fanfic.


20. Illness.

Taylor POV

After shooting, I go back home. I don't feel very well either, stomach aches, headaches and faintness.

"Hey,"Louis says as I open the door.

"Hi" I say weakly, sitting on the sofa.

"You look awfully pale, are you ok?" He asks, concerned.

"Just tired, nothing to worry about" I say, closing my eyes.

"You don't look alright,"He feels my forehead, and then says "Your temperature is very high, Taylor, I'm taking you to hospital"

"I just want to go to sleep" I groan.

"You can do that at the hospital"He says, picking me up. He puts me into his car and drives off.


Louis POV

"The Ms Cole has food poisoning" The doctor explains. "The good news is it's nothing serious, she can be discharged from hospital tomorrow." I walk into her room, and I can see that medicines of all sorts are being injected into her.

"Louis!" She exclaims, trying to sit up.

"No, don't sit up" I say, gently pushing her down.

Aaron POV

I hope that bitch dies, and that idiot boyfriend too, last I heard  she was in hospital. I turn to my notepad, planning my next attack...

Taylor POV

My head ached. My whole body ached.

"Don't worry, I'm here babe"Louis says, stroking my hand.

"I know" I reply.

"Hey, we got here as soon as we could" Liam says, coming into the room.

"Hi Taylor" Harry says.

"We heard about what happened, you're in the papers" Niall pants.

"Ugh, more trouble" I groan.

"Don't worry, it's sort of died off now" Harry says.

We chat more, and then they leave me to get to sleep, all except Louis, who stays by my side the entire time...

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