The Day I Met You (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

20 year old Taylor Cole is a homeless girl. She was left battered by her ex boyfriend and dumped in a adoption centre when she was a baby...
Taylor thinks she has really hit rock bottom when someone special meets her while busking....

Ps. My first fanfic.


16. "I know you don't want to hear this, but"

Louis POV

I've blown it.

"Get out!" I yell at Becca. She obidiently walks out of the room. I groan and fall asleep.


"Taylor, are you there?" I say into my phone.

"Yes, she 'grabbed you' did she?" She says boredly into the phone.

"I'm sorry. I really am, I want to see you"

"Fine, when?" 

"What about in half and hour, at the meeting room in the studios.?"

"Fine" She says, and hangs up. After getting dressed, having a wash, I walk down to the studios.

"Hey Taylor" I say

"Hi"She replies.

"Something like that won't ever happen again, I promise you"

"I don't believe you" She says.

"Come on," I say, getting on my knees and giving her the puppy dog eyes. She laughs and says "One more chance then." I get up and kiss her.

We are back together, and live together, again. It's been four weeks since it happened and it's all a thing of the past. Taylor's at a shoot and I'm on my own. Suddenly my phone rings and I pick up.


"Hi it's Becca" She says, sounding nervous.

"What do you want?"

"I know you don't want to hear this, but I think I might be pregnant."

"WHAT?! Have you taken a test?"

"I'm waiting for the results,". She suddenly starts crying.

"What, what does it say?"

"It's positive!"

"Oh my god!"

"Look, don't tell Taylor, please!"

Becca POV

So that's it. I'm pregnant. I haven't got a bump yet, but I can feel signs of life in my stomach. Fortunately, chances are that it's not Louis. I put a hand over my stomach, protecting it from the rush of the studios.

I begin to apply make-up to Taylor's face, she doesn't say a word.

"Look, I'm sorry" I say after I finished then rush to the toilets. I made it just in time and puked in the toilet. I'm definatley pregnant.

Taylor POV

Becca apologised, but I can't forgive her. She looked pale and upset this morning. Just as well. Dave doesn't give me a hard time today. I get dressed and finish work in time for 5pm.

"Hey, do you want to go for coffees?" Says Sophia.

"Sure," I say.

"We got a catwalk tomorrow, for Watsons' spring collection." She sighs. "I wonder why I even came to this industry."

"Me either" I sigh back.

"So what do you think the clothes are going to be like?" She asks 

"Crazy, usual watsons style." I reply, sipping my coffee. I tweet a photo of me and sophia, -@TaylorCC, Enjoying coffees with @SophiaRose.-

"We've got a new girl coming in tomorrow" I say, scrolling through my texts.

"Do we? what's her name?" Sophia asks.

"Ophelia April Jones, according to her model profile"

"It says she's only 16" Sophia points out.

"Yeah, I hope she's not that naive!"

"Look, claire just sent me a photo of her" Ophelia was a slim, blonde girl with massive blue eyes.

"She's pretty alright!" Sophia exclaims.

"We'd best be heading back now" I say finishing my coffee.

"Yeah, see you tomorrow!"  

A/N I hope that chapter was more interesting, sorry it's a bit short.

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