The Day I Met You (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

20 year old Taylor Cole is a homeless girl. She was left battered by her ex boyfriend and dumped in a adoption centre when she was a baby...
Taylor thinks she has really hit rock bottom when someone special meets her while busking....

Ps. My first fanfic.


21. Bonfire Night

A/N Sorry, just had to go for a chapter more seasonal! Happy bonfire night!!

Cazza xxx

Taylor POV

Bonfire night, Great. Last Bonfire night I was with Aaron, he was drunk, and burned me with a lit stick. I still have the scar, the only thing that reminds me of him when I look at it. The boys, and the girls from Watsons' are holding a bonfire night party, ALL the girls are super excited, and they convinced me to go shopping for a new dress.

"Come ON!You'll love it!" Grace says, dragging me along.

"Ugh, fine!" I moan. They go to shops like Prada and Burberry.

"I'll get you something, if you want" Molly says.

"No thanks, this dress is nice isn't it?" I say, fingering at a dark blue lace short dress.

"Not as nice as this one!" She jokes, holding up a bright red, sleeveless dress.

"We won't need a fireworks, you'll be one!" Grace laughs. We pay for our new outfits, then head back to the studios, where we all crowd into my dressing room.

"Hey, lets go and peek at the trainees!" Emmie whispers. Me, Emmie, Sophia and Ciara all go to the small studios, and see new teenage girls, nervously taking there turns in the spotlight and being interviewed. That was me six months ago, I thought.

"Girls, shoo!" Claire hissed, then closed the door.

Skipping back to the dressing room, we started getting ready.

"Claire's a right old cow today, isn't she?"Grace says, applying lipgloss. I got a text from Louis. -Don't come back to the gardens yet, we have a suprise! Love you xx-

"A suprise they say, how romantic!" Says Gabi.

"Come on, lets get dressed" I urged. All the girls jumped to it, and pulled their dresses on, applied the make-up and whacked on their high heels.

-Come down now!- Louis texted about five minutes later.

"Wow!" We all squeal at the decorations, the lights draped around the trees, the fireworks being set in the corner.

"I'm taking that as you like it?" Louis says, wrapping a arm around my waist.

Louis POV

"Come on, set it off!" Niall yelled, as Harry got a firework. Harry ran back, then the firework exploded into patterns and colours.

Liam handed out the knives and forks, Zayn the paper plates and Niall the sausages and mash.

"Do you like it? I made it!" I grinned. We finished our dinner then pulled blankets over us, then set off more fireworks.

"An old childhood treat, glow sticks!" Harry shouted, throwing them at us. I tweeted a photo, with us playing with them with the message, -We're kids at heart! xx -

After the glow sticks, me and the boys started singing, then we all started to fall asleep in the garden...


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