The New Kid

When Niall Horan goes to Madison's school she doesn't realize that he likes her. She might be falling for him . But she has never really liked one direction will she fall for Niall or will she not fall for him ???


1. The first day of school

This morning when I was walking past the principles office I overheard we were having a new student. I rushed toward my friend and told her that we are going to have a new student today! I hope that their not wierd my friend Saebra said. Me too I said like that Chinese kid who shoves penny's up his nose Saebra said. Yea he's weird and disgusting I said. When me and Saebra were at our lockers we saw some security guards surrounding a kid. The only thing I saw was a red tee shirt. Maybe it's the new kid Saebra said. Maybe I said. Then we got our books an headed for class.
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