The New Kid

When Niall Horan goes to Madison's school she doesn't realize that he likes her. She might be falling for him . But she has never really liked one direction will she fall for Niall or will she not fall for him ???


3. My Amazing Day

Hey um do you know what we're supposed to do ? Niall said. Yea get your book out to page 93 I said. Thanks Niall said. After I helped him all day he he said " would you maybe wanna go on a date sometime ? Sure when I said . Right now Niall said. In school i said. Haha no at a restaurant Niall said. Ok just let me call my mom I said. My mom said I can I just have to be back by 4:30 ok Niall said. Then we walking out in the limo and left the school. Ok we're here Niall said . When I looked up at the sign it read " Nandos" . After we ate and walked out of the restraunt . I said " thanks for the date " no problem Niall said. Would you like to go out with me Niall said. Your kidding right I said. No not at all Niall said. I would love that. I said. Can I borrow your phone Niall said. Sure I said. Then when he was done I looked at it and he wrote in my notes and said I love you your amazing when I saw you this morning I knew we were ment to be! Niall+Madison=love from Niall. Then Niall said look in your contacts nialls said. Ok I said. In my contacts I found his phone number ! He put his phone number in my phone ! I called it and I heard a phone ringing in nialls pocket he answered it and he said hey this is Niall I'm hanging out with my girlfriend bye. Awww that note you sent me was so sweet I said ! Not as sweet as you nialls said . Then he leaned close to me and kissed me . Thanks I thank you he said . I love you Niall ! I love you too Niall said <3

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