The New Kid

When Niall Horan goes to Madison's school she doesn't realize that he likes her. She might be falling for him . But she has never really liked one direction will she fall for Niall or will she not fall for him ???


2. Classroom

In the classroom I went to sit down in my seat . Mrs. Bryant got up from her seat and said " open your reading book to page 93 and read the story called when crowbar came ". As I was reading someone knocked on the door mrs. Bryant saw who it was and went outside to talk to them .then about 5 minutes later she came back with the door open and said "Class I would like for you to meet your new student . I couldn't believe my eyes Niall horan walked in and said " hi my name is Niall you might know me from one direction" then a lot of girls were clinging at him and I just rolled my eyes. Girls leave him alone mrs. Bryant said. Niall please have a seat mrs Bryant said. Can I sit here niall said . Sure I said.
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