Across the ocean

Taylor, Elizabeth, and Hailey are 3 normal 18 year old girls, or so they thought. They get a chance to go to London for school. They all are major One Direction fans and never thought they would ever meet them until there amazing flight to London!
This is my first fan fiction and I would love to hear your advice and comments. There is a little bit of a love story and has some comedy. So please tell me what you think :)


21. Will you marry me

3 years later

Hailey's POV

I was on my way to meet Louis at a park down the street. I had no idea what we were doing but I had a feeling we were having dinner because it was 6:30 pm. When I arrived at the park there were candles leading me to a blanket with a basket on top. I walked over to it and Louis walked over too. He said "surprise!" I gasped in shock and said "this is amazing! its so beautiful!" "I thought you would like it, are you hungry I brought food!" "yeah Im starving! Lets eat!" He handed me a italian sub. My favorite food. He took out a sub for him self and we ate. After about 15 minutes later we finished eating and talking and he said "do you want desert?" "yeah sure." I replied. He pulled out a small pie. He put it in front of me. Before I looked at it a violin started to play. I looked over and saw a guy playing a violin. I smiled and looked over at the pie and just about screamed! The pie had writting on it. It said 'Will you  marry me?' I looked over at Louis who was on one knee and had a beautiful diamond ring. He said "Hailey, I love you so much. I could never imagine a world with out you. I want us to be together forever. so will you marry me?" I started to cry of joy and said "oh my gosh! YES of course." He slipped the ring on my finger and smiled then I leaned in and kissed him. It was the best day of my life! 


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