Across the ocean

Taylor, Elizabeth, and Hailey are 3 normal 18 year old girls, or so they thought. They get a chance to go to London for school. They all are major One Direction fans and never thought they would ever meet them until there amazing flight to London!
This is my first fan fiction and I would love to hear your advice and comments. There is a little bit of a love story and has some comedy. So please tell me what you think :)



Hailey's POV

    I walked into my dorm and sighed at the sight. I said "okay let's get decorating!" we put up tons of One Direction posters and decided to make a triple bunk bed. So we stacked our beds and found a small ladder in the closet. Probably the people last year left it. We also bought comforters they were ty-dye and bright. We took a brake after a while mainly me though because I wanted to text Louis. I didn't want to sound desperate. So I said "hi Louis, what do you guys have planned today?" I waited for a reply.

    When he did respond he said a simple answer he said "no do want to come over." I replied in half the time it took him saying "sure send me directions to the hotel." he did and then all three of us pilled into the tiny van and headed towards Tower Tell Inn. I just realized that Louis said that he mentioned the hotel he was staying in when I asked for tips about london on the plane. I laughed at that thought.


    We arrived at the hotel but the lady at the desk would not tell us there hotel room number. I tried to convince her that we were friends of there's and that we met on the plane. But she didn't believe us until I texted Louis and told him that the lady at the desk would not let us through and he came down and told the lady "if you ever see these girls again let them through there with me." the lady with bright green eyes nodded and we walked off into room 560.

    The first thing I noticed was Harry jumping on the bed saying Louis loves Hay Hay! I blushed and so did Louis. Louis then yelled "HARRY OUT!" Harry said "but Lou..." "no buts Harry if we do Something fun I will call you in." "okay, but can Elizabeth come with me." Elizabeth blushed slightly and said "sure." Once Harry and Elizabeth left the room it was just Taylor, Louis and me. But then Taylor got a text she said it was from Niall and it said "a little birdie told me that your in the building do you want to come over with me and Liam in room 561?" she said "well I better go, you 2 love birds Have fun." and she walked out. The first thing Louis said was "what do you want to do?" "not sure any ideas." "yeah I have one but it's childish." "what is it?" I asked " A pillow FIGHT!" he yelled as he slapped me with a pillow. I yelped a little and picked up a pillow whacking him in the side. He whacked me in the the back of the leg and made me fall over. He ran over and helped me up and I said " you know helping me up would just let me do this!" and I hit him across the face with a pillow! Causing the pillow to burst in half and feathers flew everywhere and he said "aww your a bad girl!" he through his pillow across the room and came over to me while feathers where still settling around the room. He pushed me up to the wall and stood only a few inches from me and said "Hailey I love you so much and it hurts me when I'm away from you, so umm... I was wondering do you want to go out with umm... Me?" I was shocked to hear this but managed to say "yes." He said "good I'm glad you like me because I'm totally crazy over you."

     The next thing I knew his lips were on mine. I was to shocked to do anything so I backed out of the kiss that would have sent sparks if I had kissed him back, but I didn't, and went and sat on the couch. He didn't move but he did say "I'm sorry, was that to soon?" All I could say was "no I just was not ready." "I get it I'm sorry, but how about on Saturday we go see a movie." he said walking over to me. "sure." I said to him "great!" "yup well I better go we have to continue decorating our dorm, it's still a little plain." "okay babe see you on Saturday." I blushed and walked out of room 560 or my boyfriends hotel room.

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