Across the ocean

Taylor, Elizabeth, and Hailey are 3 normal 18 year old girls, or so they thought. They get a chance to go to London for school. They all are major One Direction fans and never thought they would ever meet them until there amazing flight to London!
This is my first fan fiction and I would love to hear your advice and comments. There is a little bit of a love story and has some comedy. So please tell me what you think :)


6. Phone number

Hailey's POV

     I left Jack Wills with 2 bags and new memories. Elizabeth said "did you see his eyes!" Taylor said "I know they were so blue." then I said "they were the most gorgeous brown eyes ever, wait I said who are you guys talking about." Elizabeth said "Harry!!" "Niall of course!" protested Taylor Oh well I was talking about Louis.

--- a good 20 minutes of silence---

    "Well" said Elizabeth "why don't we head back to the dorm and start to decorate." "and organize" I added. "yes, and organize."

Louis POV

     "wow" was I could say. "yeah" said Harry "I wish I would have gotten Elizabeth's number she was so pretty." "no kidding, you didn't take your eyes off her and guess what Hazza!" "what did you do." said Harry as he walked out of the store putting his hoodie on so people would not recognize him. "I got you her phone number!" I handed Harry her phone number and he was so happy he was jumping around chanting "Louis is the best, Louis is the best!" I laughed and walked out of Jack Wills putting my hoddie as well.


     We got back to the hotel and decided to clean well I never said anything Harry was the one who had to have most things perfect. I was the messiest. So Harry was cleaning I would never do that. I was happy I had hazza because with out him I could be to my neck in crap right now. I mean that I'm not the cleanest person you have met. Harry called to me from across the room "hey Louis you have a mysterious text!" I went over and looked at my phone and recognized it at as Hailey's number and slowly picked up my phone.

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