Across the ocean

Taylor, Elizabeth, and Hailey are 3 normal 18 year old girls, or so they thought. They get a chance to go to London for school. They all are major One Direction fans and never thought they would ever meet them until there amazing flight to London!
This is my first fan fiction and I would love to hear your advice and comments. There is a little bit of a love story and has some comedy. So please tell me what you think :)


12. Part 2 of date 1

Hailey's POV

    It was midnight and Elizabeth and Harry still were not back yet. So I went to text her but I decided not to and let them alone. I walked to the bathroom took a shower and she still was not back so I just went to bed and fell asleep.

Elizabeth's POV

    I woke up to the smell of pancakes! So I looked around to see where I was. I did not recognize the room so I walked out of the door and saw a huge flat screen tv and Harry in the little kitchen making pancakes. That was when I remembered my date with Harry and how I fell asleep when watching a movie. So I assumed that Harry carried me to the bedroom. "Good morning beautiful" Harry said "good morning" I said in a sleepy voice. He came over to me with a short stack of pancakes and said "eat up we have to leave soon" that's when it hit me that Hailey and Taylor have no idea where I am! "Harry", I said "Hailey and Taylor don't know where I am!" "I texted Hailey this Morning saying that you were okay and that our date still isn't over, what I mean is I have something planned for today." "Really what!!" "I can't tell you but the faster you eat the faster we can leave so you can change and then we could go." "I'm done!" I almost yelled gulping down a cup of water. "Alright then lets go!"

-----20minutes later-----

     We arrived back at my dorm and I walked inside and talked to Taylor a little about what we did and she was really surprised that we didn't kiss yet. I said "I was hoping that where ever we go today that we would. After talking with Taylor I noticed that Hailey was not there and though that she might be out with Louis and I would ask about that later. I ended up putting on a pair of white super skinny jeans and a long short sleeve shirt that was brown and creamed color striped. I brushed my messy hair and walked out to meet Harry.

------1 LONG hour later!----

    We arrived at a small state park with a beautiful lake. He parked the car and grabbed a basket from the trunk of his car. We walked a little ways and found the perfect spot to sit he laid down a blanket and said "do you like part 2 of date 1." I laughed and said "I love it!" He got food out of the basket and we had lunch while looking out at the beautiful, still lake. After we finished that's when we looked at each other and he started to lean closer to me. I realized what he was doing and I leaned closer to him, our lips met it was a slow, long passionate kiss.

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