Across the ocean

Taylor, Elizabeth, and Hailey are 3 normal 18 year old girls, or so they thought. They get a chance to go to London for school. They all are major One Direction fans and never thought they would ever meet them until there amazing flight to London!
This is my first fan fiction and I would love to hear your advice and comments. There is a little bit of a love story and has some comedy. So please tell me what you think :)


16. Interview

Hailey's POV

     Me and the boys including Taylor and Elizabeth all decided to go to the movies. It was crazy so many fans and cameras. I kind of liked all the attention but I knew it would mean that the world will know I'm dating Louis.

----half way through the movie---

    Taylor and Niall disappeared i had no idea where they went but I really didn't care. They eventually did come back with huge smiles and they were holding hands. I just ignored them and watched the rest of the movie.

-----end of movie-----

    "Wow that was the best movie ever!" I said to Louis "I know right" he said "hey do you want to come to my place I still need to unpack some, u can help if you want." "As much as I would love to I have a interview I need to go to." "Alright, I guess I will see you guys later then!" "Yup and if you want to hear the interview it's on Radio 1." "I'll be listening!"

------ at the dorm-------

     I walked into our dorms and looked at the calendar beside the door and then frowned. Tomorrow was the first day of collage! I was having so much fun with Louis and the boys I forgot about school. I sighed and turned on the radio to radio 1. The interview was on and the interviewer asked "so where is your next concert at?" Harry answered and said "we are hoping to play in the US sometime soon but other than that were not really sure." Interviewer: "how many of you guys have girlfriends?" Harry, Louis, and Niall raised there hands. Interviewer: "oh I see Liam and zayn are still single!" "And what are these special lady's names?" Harry: well I'm not sure if she wants me to say her name or not but I can text her. Louis: I will do the same Niall: yeah me too Interviewer: alright then lets ask Liam and zayn a question a while "Liam there have been many people saying that you cried during a toy story movie. Is that true?" Zayn: I'm going to answer for him. Yes it's true I had to hold him and I was laughing at him and he was just crying away!" Interviewer: well there you have it Liam did cry during a movie! Now how about those girls did they answer yet?" Nope they all replied. Then I released that Louis texted me. I must have forgotten that I was still listening to the radio. I said yeah u can say my name but only my first name! Elizabeth replied to Harry saying yes and so did Taylor! Interviewer: well I heard a few beeps was that them? Harry: yes it was and she said I could say her name. Her name is Elizabeth and we met at Jack Wills. But we first saw each-other on a air plane but didn't talk until we ran into each-other at the store. Louis: my girl said yes too and her name is Hailey. We met on the airplane because we were put next to each-other. Niall: my girlfriends name is Taylor and we met at Jack Wills also but saw each-other on the plane. Interviewer: so as I see it they are all friends right? Niall: Yeah Buddy! Interviewer: well that's all we have time for! Will you guys sign off for us. Harry: I'm Harry Louis: I'm Louis Niall: I'm Niall Zayn: I'm Zayn Liam: and I'm Liam! Altogether: and we're one direction! Bye! The Interview was amazing and I could not wait to see Louis again but I had school so I decided to go to bed after all it was 9:30 and I like to got to bed early!

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