this is how i herd the story muh hahahaha

this is a grosome story im warning you read on if you dare and for sqimiesh people i say you might want to click on something more happy becouse thsi will give you nightmares leave you scared.


1. not a plesant halloween

the twins played soo nicley as the waited for thair parents to get home.they fought over a doll i say its the doll of saitin makes you change your ways but eva got it . penny sat there with anger raging inside her. she got up and walked to the kitchen counter and opened the drwaer where there was a knife new and sharp she saw her face in it and a grimm smile came across her face . They wouldent get to go tric or treat that night or ever again. she lifted the knife high into the air and plunged it deep into her sisters chest.A sick simile came across her face as she wached the blood ooze out of her sisster heart.her parents walked in and look at her in horror . they had no chice but to send her away to a home for the crimianlly insane . amd thats were she reamins untill every halloween when she escapes and vow return and stab to death every child in that town who dares to got tric or treating on halloween

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